Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas is almost upon us. I'm not sure how much blogging will get done over the holidays. I spent last night hopping from store to store doing last minute shopping. I think the trick is to incorporate your Christmas shopping with your normal errands (at the stores you already frequent) so it doesn't feel like that much extra work. I'm pretty sure that adult videos are on most people's wish list, anyway.

Christian, our paralegal's son, is at the office today. I don't know how old he is, but he's at that stage where he walks and talks, but a good deal of the time he doesn't make much sense. Anyways, this kid is crazy for Christmas, and it's a good thing to see the ol' holiday through some noncynical eyes. His first present was a lawn mower toy which makes popping sounds and has multicolored balls that bounce up and down. Christian got in a good 15 minutes of mowing the office floors before his mom took that particular piece of Christmas joy away from him. Damn mom.

I'm feeling a little bit of the holidays blues today. I'm not sure why. I think it's because I'm just not feeling all that positive as 2004 draws to a close. This has been a rough year, with the election and the war, some financial hardships, troubles with some friendships, and so forth. It just seems that a lot of us are just trying to hang on these days instead of thriving or flourishing (or maybe it's just me, and I'm projecting this feeling on other people, but that's equally depressing). Given the war and the reelection of a president who seems to have no interest in health care, the enviroment, our role as peacekeepers in the world community, and equality for all people (see Guantanamo detainees and gay marriage), this has also been a year when I have truly begun to lose faith in my country and its people. On the up side, I've still got a lot of good friends, a great dog, 2 good bands, a family, and a job. Maybe I should quit whining. Still, it seems odd that we are celebrating a holiday though our stereotypical consumerism when people are being blown up in Iraq while they try to eat lunch (by other people who are so enraged by our presence that they are willing to blow themselves up). It's all just very confusing.

Religious traditions aside, I think the holidays should be about peace, generosity, and hope, so I hope ya'll go out and get some of that stuff for your holiday (wait- maybe that's what the religious traditions have in common).

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Sigmund Bloom said...

"2 good bands"? have you listened to crack? on the up side, you also have a brain tumor that causes you to think a musical circle jerk with sandpaper gloves is "good".