Sunday, April 28, 2019


What's up?

We had a pretty good weekend.  On Friday we let Raylan pick what we were having for dinner.  S we ended up having Popeye's fried chicken.
Saturday night Raylan woke up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach.  I guess it could have been related to the fried chicken, but I'm not sure.  He's eaten Popeye's before without any problem.  At any rate, it was a long night.
On Saturday, though, he was more or less okay.

Saturday morning Amy went for a jog and took Kiddo in the stroller.  Meanwhile, Raylan and I hung out at the house.  We got out the kiddie pool and played with some new squirt guns that I had gotten for him for his birthday.

Raylan takes aim at me.
Not the phone, kid!  Don't hit the phone!
Saturday afternoon we were supposed to go to a birthday party for a couple of twins from Raylan's school.  Raylan went down for a nap, though, and we couldn't get him up.  He had been up feeling sick the night before, so he napped hard Saturday afternoon.
Once the kids got up we ran some errands.

Kiddo and Raylan doing... something... in the shopping cart.
Raylan realized at some point, while we were out shopping, that he had missed the birthday party for the twins.  He freaked out.  Inconsolable. He loves parties.
In an attempt to smooth things over, we went to Central Market and got hot dogs to cook out and some cup cakes.  We told him we could have a make up party at out house.
And we did.  
And it was good.

On Sunday morning Amy took Kiddo to her TuneBugz class.  I took Raylan to a concert for kids (put on by Rock and Roll Playhouse) at The Mohawk.  It featured the music of Phish, and it was covered by a really good band, who did an extremely solid job of covering Phish (they could have easily been playing for an adult crowd, and, in fact, many of the parents were into it as much or more than the kids).  Raylan wore a little pair of ear-protecting earmuffs since he isn't crazy about loud noises.
The music was good, and the people running the event were clever enough to bring props and toys to keep the kids engaged (they brought out dancing ribbons, parachutes, etc.).  It was a fun event.  We had fun.

Raylan does a ribbon dance

Under the parachute

A shot from before the show up on the rooftop balcony at The Mohwak. 

On Sunday afternoon we went to a cookout over at Mandy's house.  Hot dogs and sausage and chicken and grilled veggies.  All very good.  Kellie was there with Jojo and Goldie, so Raylan and Kiddo had fun hanging out with her kids.  Got to hang out with Vicki and Donna Rene and Spencer, as well.  We had a really nice time.

Jojo, Raylan, Goldie, Kiddo, and Mandy, checking out the fish in
Mandy's pond 

Kiddo, realizing that we are going home and that the party is over,
throws her sippy cup in protest
After the cookout I gave the kids a bath and headed off to band practice.
We were all there.  We played a lot of random covers and some of our older songs.

And that was the weekend!

It was a nice one.

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