Monday, May 06, 2019

Update; Kiddo's Birthday

Hey!  So we had sort of a long week at our house, culminating in a really fun Sunday.

Kiddo caught some kind of really nasty stomach bug during the week.  Raylan had gotten sick to his stomach last weekend for less than 8 hours.  When Kiddo seemed to catch the same bug, it stretched into more than a 3 day event, including high fever (Raylan never had a fever) mixed with some serious stomach issues, and all of the nastiness that you might imagine would accompany something like that.  We ended up taking her to the pediatric urgent care by our house (the staff there are getting to know our family all too well) so she could get some anti-nausea medication.
Amy and I took turns staying home with her from work.  Raylan spent a couple of days at my parents' house.  They were supposed to take him overnight, anyway, before heading off on a trip to Israel, but his stay got extended by an extra night so we could take care of Kiddo and so everyone could get more rest.

At the urgent care.  I wish to recreate this mural in
our living room.
Raylan returned home Friday night, and it was nice because Kiddo seemed to really perk up when he saw him.  By Saturday Kiddo had no more overt stomach problems or fever, but she was still pretty cranky.  She may have still been feeling sort of nauseated.  She really didn't seem to want to eat anything.  This was unfortunate because Saturday was also her birthday.

We tried to keep her comfortable and entertained, but it was sort of rough going.  We took Raylan and Kiddo to a South Austin park.  Raylan had a good time, but Kiddo was a little out of sorts, and spent some a chunk of time just yelling/screaming at us for no apparent reason (although she did get to play with some dogs for a few minutes, and she seemed to enjoy that).

Birthday trip to the park!

I don't know what we did on Saturday.  Amy and Raylan made a cake for Kiddo.  We played at our house a lot.

On Sunday we had a little get together over at our place.  It was a sort of little birthday party for Kiddo and an excuse to cook out and see everyone.  Ryan, Jamie, Kit, Shelly, and Spencer came over.  The kids played in the yard.  Amy made really good chicken/cheese/pepper things on the grill, and we grilled some veggies.  Amy also made macaroni salad, cucumber salad, and coleslaw.  We also grilled some hot dogs for the kids.  It was all excellent.

Spencer and Kiddo took naps, and Raylan played and watched TV.  The grownups got to hang out and visit for a while.

Waiting for the guests

Uncle Ryan helps Raylan build the world's worst roller coaster.
Kiddo watches in amazement.
.  Ryan, Jamie, Kit, and Shelly.  Chittin' and chattin'

Did I mention that Kit brought over a crazy water toy?
Also a bubble machine.  Of course there
was a bubble machine!
Amy helps Kiddo unpack some b-day gifts.  Spencer loses interest.

The birthday party/cookout was fun.  Food was great, and we really enjoyed having the gang come and hang out.  The weather was even really nice!  (although it got hotter and muggier later in the afternoon after folks left)  Anyway, we had fun, and even though Kiddo's actual birthday was a little rocky, I think we more than made up for it the next day.

Later in the evening I went over to Reed's and played some music for a little while.  It was good to see him and get loud.

And that was the weekend.  Hope everyone has a good week!  Safe, fun travels to Mom and Dad as they head off to Israel!

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