Monday, April 08, 2019


Hey!  Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Our was pretty good, all things considered.  It rained quite a bit, so we always consider those weekends a success if we all get through them without barking at each other too much.

Friday night, before the rain, I sat on the front porch
and played guitar once the kids were in bed.
On Saturday morning we got up with the rain coming down and tried to take Raylan to a rock climbing gym near our house called Crux.  The kid section was all booked up for the day, though.  We ended up heading up north to Mt. Playmore.
Raylan and Kiddo both love that place.
I played some air hockey and a couple of videogames with Raylan, and I had fun, too.  Amy spent time with Kiddo in the small kid area, and they had fun.

I think I captured the exact moment when Raylan realized
mechanical, talking clowns are creepy.
It rained most of the day Saturday.  I think the kids tried to go out in the back yard for a little while in the afternoon, but it was pretty soggy, and I think it started to rain again.

On Sunday it rained for more than half of the day again.

marble run before breakfast
In the morning I took Kiddo to her music class.  Amy took Raylan to the Thinkery.
We all had fun.  Kiddo enjoys music.
Amy went for a run, and I went to the gym.

Raylan and Kiddo watch TV.  Notice the reverse stadium seating.
Sunday afternoon we played in the yard after the rain stopped for a bit.

In the evening I went to band practice.  It was fun.  Nice to do some rocking on a rainy weekend.

Below is a picture from Raylan and Kiddo's preschool from this morning.  The DPS officers came to show off their equipment and even some horses used by the mounted patrol.

Raylan shows off his motorcycle skills.
So that's it!  Have a great week!

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