Monday, January 21, 2019



Hopefully everyone had a good MLK Day Weekend.
We had a really nice one.

On Thursday, as usual, my folks had Raylan for the day.  This time they took him to see a play for really young kids.  It was called Wake Up, Brother Bear!  It was put on my Zach Theatre, and by all accounts, Raylan really liked it.

My mom sent me this picture after the play.  I'm assuming that these people
are actually bears, and not just tremendous fans... 

In Friday Greg, Jean, and Scott arrived in town for a visit with us.  It was Greg's 60th birthday weekend, and Scott had MLK Day off from school, so it was a fun chance for him to come and hang out with us. 
On Friday, after they got here, we all went to La Posada for some Mexican food.  It was fun.
Scott got to sleep over for a couple of nights in Raylan's room, and it seems like they had a really good time.

On Saturday morning it was pretty cold, so we all drive up to Mt. Playmore so the kids could play on the indoor playground and play some arcade games.

water cannon zombie shootin' game

Some people think they're paying for their kids to play games at Mt. Playmore.
Amy knows that we're really paying for a chance to peacefully sit in these chairs for
a few minutes.

On Saturday night my parents came down to our house and did some babysitting.  Amy and I took Jean and Greg to Jack Allen's kitchen for a birthday dinner for Greg.
We had a really nice time!  Good food and good conversation.  It was really nice to go out for an adult dinner with the 4 of us and get a chance to talk.

Birthday treat!

Davis birthday celebration!!
On Sunday, greg's actual birthday, we drove out to Steiner Ranch for brunch at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse.
It was nice!  We met up with my mom and dad and Ryan and Jamie.  The steakhouse is a nice place, the weather was nice, and there was good conversation to be had.  It was a good time.

Raylan, Ryan, Jean, Kiddo, and Amy talk about movies and/or podcasts
while I snap a photo

Scott celebrates his chance to have chocolate milk and ice cream-
all before noon!

Dad, Mom, Jamie, Ryan, Scott, Kiddo, Me, Amy, Greg, and Jean
(Raylan really dug in his heels, refusing to be in the picture- he's about
5 feet out of frame)

A photo to prove that Raylan was outside with us when we
were taking pictures

Family photo with Raylan and kiddo
After brunch we went back to Mom and Dad's house where Kiddo took a nap, and the boys played with toys and games for a while.  We had a nice time.  Thanks for everything, Mom and Dad!

Sunday night Amy made a spaghetti dinner for us at our house and served up a German chocolate cake that she got at Russell's Bakery.

Birthday cake!!
Sunday night was the night of the super blood wolf moon.  The lunar eclipse was close to Earth, had a red tinge, and occurred in January.  Greg and I watched it begin before they got tired and headed back to their hotel.  I checked it a few more times before I went to bed.  It was kind of a crazy thing to observe.  My crappy cell phone pic of it definitely doesn't do it justice.

On Monday, MLK Day, we saw Amy's family one more time before they headed out for the airport.
We had a really nice visit with them.  I think Raylan and Scott, in particular, had some really fun cousin time together.
The rest of the Sunday mostly just involved having around the house.  Our garage door got messed up again, so the guy had to come back out and fix it (which was a much quicker process this time, and which he didn't charge me for).

Raylan and Kiddo having picnic lunch in the backyard on Monday

Monday I went over to Reed's house and played music with him.  Reed's birthday had also been on Sunday, so I missed that, but at least we got to hang out and play on Monday night.

And that was the weekend!  Fun, but busy!

Now we can all go back to work and get some rest!  ;-)

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Jean said...

Thank you for hosting the birthday extravaganza weekend! We loved the time and good times with all of you. Xoxo