Monday, January 14, 2019


What's up?  How's 2019?  So far, so good?
Ours has been pretty good so far.

Our weekend felt like it went by quickly.
On Friday night we stopped off at an Indian restaurant, Bombay Bistro, on our way home from work/school.  Both kids are pretty good about eating Indian food, and Amy and I both like it.

Saturday morning I went to the gym, and Amy took Raylan to ride his bike over at Burger Center.  He apparently did really well.  Amy shot some video, and I got to see him zipping around the big parking lot like it was no big deal.
Later Amy went for a run, and I played with Raylan and Kiddo at the house.
In the afternoon, after naps, we went to The Arboretum to look at ceiling fans.  We didn't find one to take home, but we did order one.
We wandered around a bit while we were there, and Raylan got to play on the stone cows.  When I was in junior high and high school (back when The Arboretum was a newer place), I remember getting ice cream at Amy's and sitting on those cows.  Glad Raylan seemed to get a kick out of them.

Raylan kept insisting that this was the fastest cow.
Even though it is sitting down.
After The Arboretum we went over to Shelly, Kit, and Spencer's house.
We walked in the door, and Raylan asked where the cats were.  I told him not to mess with the cats or they might scratch him in the face.  Ten minutes later he was crying because one of the cats scratched him in the face.
Critical.  Life.  Lesson.
He got over the brutal kitty attack fairly quickly.
Raylan, Spencer, and Kiddo had a fun time playing.  Kit and Shelly have a little, portable ball pit, and they had a lot of fun with that.

Spencer, jumping on his chopper so he can look
cool in front of Raylan and Kiddo

Ralyan:  So I'm NOT supposed to jump on Kiddo in the ball pit?!
After hanging out at Kit and Shelly's for a bit, we went over to Phil's Ice House for dinner.  We ate burgers and the kids played on the playground.
It was nice!!

Chillin' at Phil's
On the way home, Raylanb asked for ice cream with sprinkles.  Rainbow sprinkles.  Chocolate sprinkles if no one had rainbow sprinkles.
So we went to a frozen yogurt place by our house.  Apparently Dairy Queen does not have sprinkles.

Midwinter froyo feast
Sunday was colder, but still sunny.  In the morning Amy went for a jog while pushing Kiddo in a stroller.  Raylan and I walked over to a neighborhood candidate forum for people who are running for office in our neighborhood association.  Raylan got a cookie and got to pet some dogs while I talked to a few neighbors.
Afterward, Raylan and I walked to Central Market to buy some fruit and some other odds and ends.  I let Raylan pick out our fruit.  He also got to pick some flowers for his mom (red tulips, if you must know).
Later, we mostly hung out outside and played.  Amy made some kid of carrot curry soup.

Swangin' with Kiddo and Raylan

In the evening I went to band practice.  Reed, Frank, Jim, and me.  I played my 12 string acoustic guitar.  It was fun.

And that was the weekend!
It went by way too fast.

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