Monday, January 07, 2019

New Year's and Update

Hi!  Hope 2019 is off to a good start for everyone!
We've been busy, but things are going well. 
I worked on New Year's Eve during the day.  Amy was at home with Kiddo and Raylan.  I'm pretty sure Amy worked harder than I did that day.  ;-)
When I got home I took Raylan and Kiddo over to Mandy's house for a New Year's Eve party.  Kim and Miles were there, along with Spencer, Kellie, TJ, Jojo, Goldie, Justin, Charissa, Lucas, and Leah.  So it was basically Mandy's family, plus Kim and Miles.
After single parenting for a full day, Amy wanted a break.  She went to go work out and then crashed at home with a book.
Anyway, the kids had a blast playing with the other kids.  They had hot dogs and French fries and got to do some sparklers.

Raylan gazes into the light of the sparkler while
plotting world domination in 2019

Kiddo gets some fashion tips from Jojo

Mandy, Kim, Me, Raylan and Miles.
Raylan and Miles were super excited to stop playing so they could
take a picture with the grownups
After the party we went home and went to bed pretty early.  I think we were lights out by 10:00 or so.  We didn't come anywhere close to seeing the ball drop.
I really don't remember what we did on New Year's Day.  I know we took down Christmas decorations, and Amy and I both exercised.  That night the Longhorns played against 5th ranked Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.  And we won!  UT came out strong right from the beginning and fight hard throughout the whole game.  We looked really good.
I really had no idea what to expect going into that game.  I feel like the sports media always hype teams from the SEC, basically implying (if not overtly stating) that the SEC teams are much better than most of the teams in the rest of the country.  In truth, most Big 12 teams rarely play SEC teams, so it's hard to get a good idea of how teams will match up against one another in cross-conference games.
Well, UT matched up pretty darn well against Georgia.  Hopefully we can carry this momentum into next season.  I've had my moments of doubt about Herman, but he's done a good job of building a strong team over the course of this year.  The players have become much more confident and mature, as well.  I hope the success continues!
So the UT Sugar Bowl win was a nice way to start off the new year.

We were back to work on Wednesday, with Mom and Dad taking care of the kids.

On Friday I went out to lunch with Ruben and Afton at a sort of bizarre sushi restaurant (Kula) where all the food comes to you by way of conveyor belts.  Some of it just drifts by and you grab what you want.  Other things can be ordered and conveyor belts shoot the food to your table.
It was like having lunch on a space station.

Afton realizes that it's hard to have a conversation at a place where
you have to keep an eye on a conveyor belt so you don't miss anything good.
On Saturday morning Ryan and Jamie came over and did some babysitting for about an hour while Amy and I went to the gym.  Raylan seemed to have a blast, and we go to exercise.  I think ryan and Jamie had a pretty good time.  Hopefully it was a win/win/win.  Anyway, we definitely appreciated the help, and Raylan was happy to spend time with his aunt and uncle.
Later I took Raylan for a bike ride.  We pedaled around the neighborhood, and he had a good time.  He seemed to be stopping and starting a lot, though, which was set of a new behavior for him on his bike.  This made me want to take his training wheels off before he became too reliant on them.

The rest of Saturday involved running some errands, and playing with the kids in the yard.  (It was beautiful outside on Saturday).  Amy made her tortilla soup for dinner, and life was good.

On Sunday we got up, and I took the training wheels off of Raylan's bike.  We took him over to the Burger Center parking lot near our house.  It's a giant, empty lot on weekends.
He did a really good job, and really did ride independently for some decent stretches without falling down (some 50-75 yard bits, I'd say).  He was a little wary of falling, so I lowered his seat a bit, so it was easier for him to put his feet down if he felt like he was losing his balance.
It was a great start, though!
Amy got a bit of workout in, running beside him while I stood around holding Kiddo and yelling for Raylan to keep pedaling forward.

Cleared for takeoff!!!
Afterwards, we went to Michael's and did some shopping.

The weather turned sunny and nice in the afternoon, and we spent some time outside.

Kiddo and Amy, doing some hardcore hammocking.
In the evening I went to band practice.  All five of us were there, and it sounded pretty good.

And that's about it.  Onward into 2019!!!

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