Sunday, November 25, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018


I hope everyone had a safe, happy holiday!
We had a really nice one at our house.  Lots to be thankful for, this year!
Raylan is happy and healthy and active.  He's very loved by our whole family, and he loves them right back.
We're really happy to have Kiddo in our lives.  She is making great strides, and she's a fun, cheerful, affectionate child.  She seems to feel safe and secure with us, and she fits right in with our little family.
Also, we're thankful to have the love and support of the rest of the family!  Mom and Dad (i.e., Grandma and Papa) spend a lot of time with Raylan, and their experiences with him have been an invaluable part of his life.  Kiddo is getting used to them as well, and she loves them, too.  Raylan loves to get together and play with Ryan and Jamie, and  looks forward to seeing them whenever we get together.  He also loves to see Nana and Papa Greg when they come to town, and he asks about going back to Arizona to see his cousins and the rest of the family.
Anyway, life is busy, but very good.  We are grateful and thankful and do not take anything or anyone for granted.

In terms of our holiday week, Greg and Jean got into town on Wednesday.  I worked in the morning, and Mom and Dad took Raylan and Kiddo for the day (so Amy could cook and clean a bit while I worked).  Later everyone regrouped at the house.  It was good to see Jean and Greg!
Wednesday night we went out to dinner at La Posada with Jean, Greg, and the kids.  We had a nice time.
Thursday morning we got up, and I ran to Central Market to get some food.

Raylan and Kiddo sit in containers to watch the Macy's
Thanksgiving parade.  Hypnotized by the cloud balloon...
Later in the afternoon, the family came over for Thanksgiving dinner.  Susan, Donald, Ryan, Jamie, Jean, Greg, Mom, Dad, Amy and myself (plus, of course, Raylan and Kiddo).
We (...ahem, Amy) made pies (pecan and apple), salad, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and provided some appetizers.  Susan brought a veggie tray and sweet potatoes.  Mom brought appetizers, green bean casserole, regular green beans, and pumpkin pie.  Jean got some dips (love and crab) and other appetizers.  Jamie brought stuffing and rolls.  Dad brought wine and olives.
The food was good, and it seemed like everyone was happy.

Susan plays with Kiddo and Jamie eats appetizers

There was apparently a lot of anticipation to see if Kiddo could drive
the car.

Dad carved the turkey.  Because I had never done it before and failed to
look up how to do it before everyone showed up.

Putting out the spread!

Mom and Amy, working in the kitchen.

Happy in the chaos!

Raylan takes time out to give Kiddo a hug.

We had two different tables going.  This was the kitchen table.

This was the "Cassidy Room" table.  It was a very special
Thanksgiving treat for Raylan to get to eat in there.
Post-meal wind down

Proud of my Amy for orchestrating a great Turkey Day!
Uncle Ryan and Aunt Jamie brought a new Rudolph book.
Good stuff.
After dinner there was some dessert.  Also, Uncle Ryan, Raylan, and I played Ghost in the Graveyard for a while in the back yard.  I remember playing that game with the Bridenstine brothers when we were growing up.  Fun thing to pass along to Raylan (although Uncle Ryan and me might be a little slower these days).
Anyway, it was a nice Thanksgiving, and it was really good to have everyone over.  Thanks for bringing great food and helping to clean up, family!

Jean and Greg were with us most of the day on Friday (their flight was in the evening).  Greg watched the UT-Kansas game with me.  Texas played pretty well, particularly in the second half.  On to the Big 12 championship!
In the afternoon we went to Central Market and Cavender's and did a little shopping with the kids.  They didn't have boots to fit Kiddo, sadly, and Raylan said he didn't want to wear any (he wanted to "wear sneakers and drive a monster truck, instead").
On Saturday we ran a couple of errands and got lunch.

Two days after Thanksgiving, and the kids are eating Indian food.
And they're actually eating it.
Saturday evening we went out to my folks' house to have dinner and hang out.  It was fun.  They had their Christmas stuff up, and Mom made salmon.  It was fun and relaxing to hang out with them.

Raylan and Kiddo were a little overwhelmed by the Christmas tree.
On Sunday we had some of Raylan's friends from school come over to out house for a playdate.  Dorothy, Sam, and Evie came over.  Mostly the kids played in the backyard.  We gave them some snacks.  It was good to see them and their parents.

Sunday afternoon I went for a bike ride.  The weather had clouded up, and it had gotten colder and windy.  Not my favorite bike ride ever.

Sunday evening I gave Kiddo a bath and then headed to band practice.  Frank, Jim, Reed, and me.  We sounded pretty good, and it was good to get out and make some music with the guys.  Nice way to wrap up the holiday weekend.

And that was about it!  I cannot believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone.  It's all happening so fast...

Thanks once again to my family for helping out, and to Jean and Greg for coming out to spend the holiday with us.  We love you all!

Have a great week.


Rick said...

Thanks for a great Thanksgiving!

J.S. said...

Thanks for coming and helping and bringing good things to eat!!