Monday, November 12, 2018


Hey!  So we had another pretty busy week.  On Thursday my mom and dad watched Raylan during the day.  In the evening, Shelly and Kit brought Spencer over, and we did some babysitting for a little while!  Three kids!!
It went fine, and the kids had a lot of fun.  Hopefully Kit and Shelly had a nice dinner.

Spencer, Amy, and Kiddo, hanging out Thursday night.
On Friday night Amy worked late because she had a hearing that started at like 4:30 (on a Friday?  This judge doesn't have an active personal life).  I picked up both of the kids, we met Amy at home, and we all went to La Posada for dinner.  It was good.  Nice way to wrap up the week.

Partying our way into the weekend with some Tex Mex
On Saturday we got up and took the kids to the zoo.  It was a little cool out, so we were hoping that the animals would be wide awake.  It mostly worked, but a few of them were holed up in their little houses and wouldn't come out.
We think that it might have been Kiddo's first trip to the zoo.  She got to feed some goats, deer, and llamas, and see some other animals as well.  Raylan got to see the lions and bears, and enjoyed feeding the other animals as well.

feeding goats

This is a deer, dear!

The lions were up and moving on a cool, fall morning
In the afternoon Mom and Dad picked Raylan and Kiddo.  We had agreed to go to a comedy show with Reed and Jen back before we even had our new Kiddo staying with us.
So on Saturday night my folks took the kids, and we got to go out and have some grown up fun!

We met Reed and Jen at Cover 3 for dinner, and afterwards we went to see the Sklar Brothers at the Cap City Comedy Club.  I didn't know much about them prior to the show, but they were really funny.  They also had two opening acts, both of which were also funny.

We had a really fun night.  It was also really fun to hang out with Reed and Jen.  It was good to see them.  It had been too long since we all got together.

On Sunday we ran some errands and exercised, and then Mom and Dad brought the kids back.

We spent the afternoon playing with them and getting them to take naps.

Raylan has a pretty serious conversation with his
mom about his art.
Sunday night I went to band practice.  We played at Cascade Studios.  It was a pretty good space.  We were all there, and I think we sounded pretty good, for the most part.

And that was the weekend!  I drove home from practice in some pretty serious rain on a sort of cold night.  It felt good to get back home and settle in.

Have a good week!

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