Sunday, December 02, 2018


Hi! How's it going?  I can't believe that it's already December.
Time is going by so fast.  I feel like we were just doing the whole holiday thing, and now we're back at it again.
Of course, now we have a three year old who has a much better understanding of Christmas, and an 18 month old foster daughter ho we are experiencing Christmas with for the first time (assuming that she remains with us through Christmas, which seems likely).

Our weekend was pretty good.  Mostly.  Okay, at least half good.
Friday night we took Raylan and Kiddo out to dinner at Cherry Creek Catfish Company.  We had a nice dinner.
On Saturday my parents came over to watch the UT-OU Big 12 Championship game.  We lost.  Still, it was a victory to even be playing for the Big 12 championship, especially given the fact that we've been such a mediocre team over the last few years.  We'd also beaten OU earlier in the season, so that softened the blow a bit,  Still, we had a lot of penalties and mental mistakes, so that was a little rough.
Anyway, we'll probably still pick up a bowl game of some sort, so that's pretty cool.
So Mom and Dad came over to watch the game, and Amy made queso.  Mom and Dad helped with the kids, and Amy went shopping for a while.  It was a nice afternoon.  Saturday afternoon, once the game was over, Dad and I took Raylan to some bike shops so he could check them out and see if maybe there was a bike that Santa could bring him for Christmas.
After my folks left we put up our Christmas tree and some decorations.

Raylan and Kiddo, helping to decorate the tree
On Sunday we met in the morning with Kiddo's attorney ad litem (who represents Kiddo's interests at her foster care court hearings).  
Amy had gotten out of bed feeling sort of sick on Sunday, and that sort of threw a wrench into some of our other Sunday plans.  We were supposed to go to see A Christmas Carol at Zach Theatre with Ryan and Jamie and Mom and Dad, but we ended up not going.  
Raylan was asking me to tell him some storied about camping, so I ended up setting up my old tent in the back yard so he and Kiddo could play in it.  The weather was beautiful, and they had fun. 

Kiddo and Raylan, experiencing the exotic wilderness of
South Central Austin

Telling "camping ghost stories" to Raylan and Kiddo.
Not so scary in the middle of the day...
We had a sort of low key afternoon.  I ran a couple of errands and did a little yard work.  I finished getting our outside Christmas decorations up.

Our holiday house, 2018.
And that was the weekend.  Nice weather.
Hopefully Amy is on the mend!
Have a good one.

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