Monday, November 19, 2018


We had a pretty good weekend.  Mom and Dad took Raylan overnight on Thursday night.
He says he had a good time hanging out with them.  

doing dishes with Papa
We took Kiddo out to eat at Kerbey Lane Thursday night.  We had a nice time, but it was great to get Raylan back on Friday!

Saturday we went to the Joslin Park.  We played there for quite a while.  Kiddo managed to climb around successfully on the playground quite a bit, for a child who can't really fully walk yet.  (She is not to be outdone by Raylan)

In the Joslin community garden, Bluejay in hand.

Raylan, Mom, and Kiddo on the Joslin playscape
Saturday afternoon the weather was beautiful.  Amy went for a run, and I went for a bike ride.
There was also a lot of playing in the yard, mixed with some chores.

"I wanna watch some shows, Dad."
"It's a beautiful day, buddy.  Let's play outside.  Where's your sidewalk chalk?""
"The shows are inside, Dad."

Kiddo and me, chillaxing on the porch.
On Saturday night, once the kids were fed and bathed and in bed, I went over to Ryan's house to watch the UT game.  We played Iowa State, and we defeated them fairly soundly.  It was weird to watch a UT game without at least one moment where I felt anxious and afraid.

Matt, Nicole, and Juan were over there (along with Ryan and Jamie, of course), and it was good to see everyone!  It had been a while.  Good to catch up.

On Sunday we went out to breakfast and ran some errands (i.e., shopping).  Amy and I took turns going to the gym.

In the evening we had band practice over at Reed's house.

That, in broad strokes, was the weekend.  It was good.  Went by really fast, it seemed.

Have a good week!  Gobble, gobble!!!

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