Sunday, October 07, 2018


Hey, hey, hey!

Our weekend was good, but, man, did it seem like it went by quickly.
Friday night we went out to dinner at Cypress Grill.  The food was great, as always.
On Saturday the Texas Longhorns played the Oklahoma Sooners in the Red River Rivalry up in Dallas.  Going into the game I had some trepidation.  Texas has definitely been playing better than expected this season, but I'd watched OU play Baylor in the previous week, and the Sooners looked really, really good.
Well, much to my surprise (and delight), Texas came out strong and took the lead for most of the game.  They almost blew it in the 4th quarter with a bit of a letdown (we're still Texas, after all, and Oklahoma has an explosive offense), but, in the end, the Horns put together a strong, last minute drive, and Dicker the Kicker put up a field goal to win the game.
The Longhorns looked good.  Mostly, I was impressed with the overall consistency, the lack of turnovers, and the determination that Texas displayed.  UT is often an emotional team, overconfident one moment and panic-stricken the next.  In this year's OU game we had more of a calm self-confidence, executing plays and just getting the job done.  It was nice to see.

Ryan and Jamie came over to watch the first half of the game.
Raylan was excited to see them and hang out. 
Ryan had to leave for an eleven day business trip the next morning, so they left at halftime so he could go do laundry and pack.

Raylan helps Jamie and Ryan cheer on UT
Kit and Spencer came over, too.  (Shelly was up in Dallas helping her sister with wedding prep)
Amy, who isn't a huge football fan, spent a lot of time playing with Spencer and Raylan during the game.

Spencer enjoys a bean bag

Spencer uses Raylan's washing machine to do laundry

Amy and the boys hang out in the back yard during the game
I'm not sure what we did on Saturday evening.  Not too much, I guess.Raylan took a nap in the afternoon, and that night Amy and I watched Pacific Rim: Uprising.  (It was fast paced and fun, with some entertaining characters.  Not sure it always made sense, but it was fun.)

On Sunday we went to Kerbey Lane for breakfast, and took Raylan to the park.  We gave him different options for parks, but he chose Joslin. 

Here I am, doing a terrible job as a spotter for my son, the
gymnastic daredevil.
In the afternoon, Amy went to a baby shower for a co-worker.  I played with Raylan, fed him lunch, and put him down for a nap.

In the evening I went to band practice and played with Frank and Reed.  We had a good practice.

After practice I went home and watched American Horror Story: Apocalypse while Amy sat on the couch and read.

And that was the weekend!

Hope everyone has a good week.

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