Monday, October 22, 2018


Well, it's been a sort of wild ride at our house, lately, and in Austin, in general.  We've had a lot of rain over the last few weeks.  The Hill Country has had even more.  Central Texas even made the national news as heavy rains up near the Highland Lakes filled waterways to capacity, flooding out homes, bridges, and roads.  The water has been moving downstream, and now it's worked it's way into Lake Travis, Lake Austin, and Ladybird Lake.  Our water treatment system is failing under the strain caused by the sediment and debris from the flooding.

A picture of Ladybird Lake from the Lamar bridge on Thursday.  Note that
the trees along the shore and near the bridge are half submerged.
Friday night we went out to Bombay Bistro for some Indian food.

On Saturday we went over to Mom and Dad's for lunch.  Uncle Bob and Aunt Linda were in town, so we got to catch up with them and spend some time. It was really good to see them!  As usual, Raylan enjoyed the family get together.

Amy, Mom, dad, Raylan, Linda, Bob, and me in the back
We got home from their house and ran a couple of quick errands.  Raylan got some new jeans, and got to sit in a tree in the shopping center...

Giddyup, oak!
Unfortunately, we got back from running errands, and at some point we realized that Raylan felt warm.  He ended up having a fever.  he ate a little dinner and went to bed.

Sometime around 9:00 he made a weird noise from his room.  Amy went to check on him, and he was having a really hard time breathing.  He couldn't talk, and his chest was heaving.  We went in the bathroom and turned on the shower to get some steam, but it didn't help much and he got sick to his stomach.  The whole time he was making a really bad wheezing sound, crying, and struggling to catch his breath.

We ended up putting him in the car, and since it was relatively late on a Saturday night, nothing was open except a standalone Emergency Room by our house.

We got him their and they gave him a breathing treatment, steroids, and took some x-rays.  They kept him under observation for about 6 hours before letting us go home.  He mostly slept in a bed in their observation room.  It was a scary deal.

He's still sick (croup), but he's doing better now.  Still coughing and wheezing a bit, but better, and he's on meds.

We went out for breakfast the next day, but later than usual since we hadn't gotten much sleep.

I had the weirdest dream last night, Mom....
Raylan got to go to a park for a little while after breakfast and after picking up some groceries.

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"Come in here, Mom!  It's cozy!"
We woke up this morning to find out that a water alert notice had gone out over night asking everyone to boil their drinking water.  The flood silt overwhelmed Austin's water treatment facility.
I ran to the store to buy a pack of bottled water, and found people cleaning out the supply (people were filling up shopping carts with pallets and pallets of water;  it was a little nuts).

Anyway, Amy and I took turns taking the day off to stay home with Raylan.

Not too sick to build some awesome gear contraptions
Last night we watched the Ready Player One movie.  I know it's a cliche to say this, but the book was better.  Still, it was fun.

And that was our weekend.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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