Sunday, September 30, 2018


Hi!So, following our return from da beach, we had a busy week and a busy weekend.

We had a great time at the beach, and there were some adjustments to be made as we tried to resume our normal lives...

We're still at the beach, Mom!  Bury me in the sand!!
But home is a lot of fun, too.  On Wednesday night we went out for Indian food, and then stopped at a nearby Halloween store.

But is it believable, Dad?  Will people really believe that I'm a dog?
Friday we went out for dinner.
On Saturday morning we got up, and I went to the annual NAMI Walk (raising money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness).  We got rained on, but it was a nice event.
Meanwhile, Amy took Raylan to the doctor to get his flu shot.  I guess he was pretty good, because afterward she took him to Mt. Playmore.  (I was sweaty and rain soaked from the NAMI Walk and went home to shower and change clothes)

Raylan, still pretending that this is the best thing to do at Mt. Playmore
Saturday afternoon the Longhorns played Kansas State.  We had a really strong first half, while K-State looked terrible.  At half time K-State switched quarterbacks, and they came out swinging in the second half.  We won the game, but I felt like we were lucky to have survived it.  If the Wildcats hadn't dug themselves into such a deep hole in the first half, we woulda lost that game.
Next week is OU, and they've been looking really good.
I'm a little nervous.

Saturday night we went to see The Decemberists at Bass Concert Hall.  Frank, Amy, and I went.
It was a good show!  We had a good time.
I've seen the Decemberists before at ACL Fest and at Stubbs.
The first half of the show everyone remained seated because we were at Bass, and people generally sit for things at Bass.  Sometime like halfway through, people started standing up (and dancing), and it felt a little less formal and more like a "proper rock and roll show" (to quote Collin Meloy).

You know who loooves to have his picture taken?  Frank!!

The Decemberists

The Mariner's Revenge Song, giant inflatable whale, exploding confetti
On Sunday morning we got up, and I got us some breakfast tacos, and then I went to pick up Raylan from Mom and Dad before they headed off to church. 
We took Raylan to the park, and he ran himself ragged.
We came home and Amy exercised while I showered and fed Raylan and then I went for a bike ride.

view of downtown from Parmer Events Center

view of downtown from the Pfluger Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge 
I got home shortly after Raylan got up from his nap.  We did some Halloween decorating.
Amy made sausage spinach pasta for dinner.  It was really good.

And then the weekend was over!  Too fast!

I hope you had a good one!

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