Sunday, October 14, 2018

ACL 2018

Well, it was another successful ACL Fest.  Hard to believe I've been to 17 of these festivals.
I'm gonna lay out a list of all of the bands that we saw each day (mostly so I can remember it later).

Bishop Briggs
Duncan Fellows
Alvvays (good, but only heard a few songs)
David Byrne
Jungle (partial)
The National
Hozier (from a distance)
Paul McCartney

Ikebe Shakedown
Curtis Harding
The Breeders
Brandi Carlile
Trampled by Turtles (partial)
Lil Wayne

Mt. Joy
Twin Shadow
Elle King
Janelle Monae
Houndmouth (partial)
The Revolution (a few songs)
St. Vincent
Arctic Monkeys (partial)

We saw quite a bit of good stuff.

David Byrne's show was great.  I've seen him several times before, and this was one of the best shows that I've seen him play.  His band all played while dancing and marching around on their feet.  The drums were covered by a marching band style of combined percussion.  Really great show.

David Byrne reminds everyone that creativity and musicianship
don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Amy and Steanso get photobombed by David Byrne 

Here's Frank, overwhelmed with joy at David Byrne

Of course, it was fun to see Paul McCartney.  He had a good band, played with a lot of energy, and put on a concert that was a legit rock and roll show- not just leaning on nostalgia.

We actually moved up a little closer than this during Paul McCartney, but
I didn't take many other photos
Ikebe Shakedown were good.  Funky, jazzy goodness.
Curtis Harding put on a good show.  I'd like to check him out again sometime.

Curtis Harding
The Breeders brought some good, quality noise rock to Zilker Park.

The Breeders
Frank and I went to Lil' Wayne sort of on a whim.  He had a big crowd and probably could have played on a bigger stage.  People were WAY INTO Lil' Wayne.  They knew all the words, and it was one of the only shows were people really packed in so much that it started to feel pretty crowded.

Lil' Wayne!!
On Saturday night we saw Metallica.  I'm not sure I ever bought a Metallica album, but I think I borrowed a couple from people over the years.  In high school, there was a late night show on KLBJ, one of our local radio stations, called "Midnight Snack".  People could send in their requests for about a half hour song list of music, and the DJs would play it.  A lot of people from the local state jail and federal jail would write in with requests, and they almost invariably included Metallica.  When I was living with Lee my senior year, I remember laying in our room and listening to Metallica in the dark before going to bed.
Anyway, Metallica was really good at doing what Metallica does.  They were fast and loud and dark.
They're actually really good musicians.  Their brand of music, in my mind, sort of represents the logical conclusion of so much of the almost competitive musical athleticism that that was a hallmark of hard rock and metal bands on the 1980s.  Operatic vocals, guitar pyrotechnics, thunderous double bass drums and drum fills.
It was fun to see Metallica.

James and the boys laying it down at the Metallica show
Mt. Joy were really good.  They were the first show we saw Sunday.  They're a good, solid band.  I previously had seen them at SXSW, and they were good each time I saw them.

Mt. Joy

Elle King and The Brethren were also really good.  She has a great voice, and band with a big, powerful, driving sound, and a whole lot of attitude.  I definitely recommend seeing her, and I plan to check her out again when I get a chance.  I think she said she has a new record coming out.

Elle King

Janelle Monae put on a great show.  Music was good, dancers were good- the whole thing was good.
I would go see her again, too.

St. Vincent also put on a really good show.  Her music is interesting.  Her live show had a lot of interesting art, and she and her band wore some crazy costumes (almost to the point of being a distraction from the legitimately interesting music, but the stage show is definitely a big part of who she is, so...)

St. Vincent

We stayed for Arctic Monkeys, but only for a few songs.  They weren't bad, but it was crowded, they were loud, and we were tired after three days of rocking.

Overall, it was another fun ACL Fest.  They had been predicting rain for Saturday and Sunday, but we didn't get a drop.

It was really great to have Amy with us on Friday, and, as usual, I had a good time with Frank.

Thanks to Mom and Dad for taking care of Raylan this weekend!

Today, as I'm writing this, the temperature has dropped from being about 90 degrees and humid yesterday to being in the 40s today and rainy.  Crazy.

Hope everyone has a good week!!

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