Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Labor Day Weekend

Hello!  We had a pretty nice Labor Day weekend.Mom and Dad got back into town late on Wednesday night.  It sounds like they had a good European trip.
On Friday Raylan spent the day and the night with them.  He was really happy to have Grandma and Papa back.
Friday night I went out and had a couple of beers with my friends James and Robert.  We went to Lavaca St. Bar, and just hung out.  They're both at the DA's office now, so I don't see them that often, and it was good to catch up.
On Saturday UT had their first game of the season against Maryland.
Ryan and Jamie came over, and Mom and Dad brought Raylan back to the house and then hung out for the game.    Amy made queso and coleslaw, and we grilled hotdogs and some asparagus (guess which one I ate).  Ryan and Jamie brought hummus and pita chips and olives, and Mom and Dad brought a veggie tray and some fruit.

A halftime game of hide and seek with Uncle Ryan.

Jamie and Raylan hammock it up
The game ended... poorly.  If there was any improvement in UT's game over the off season, they didn't really show it on Saturday.  When crunch time came at the end of the game, and UT had a chance to make successful plays for the win, they choked and made critical errors.  We can still have a bit of hope that this Maryland game was a fluke- a chance to examine mistakes and fine tune the team after early season mistakes.  The problem is that the whole game felt a lot like what we saw last year.  And last year didn't go very well.
Annnyway, it was fun to hang out with the family.  The game had an hour and a half rain delay, so we didn't all even make it to the end (Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Jamie took off, and I watched the 4th quarter solo).

On Sunday we got up and went out to breakfast.  Afterward we went to Dick Nichols Park.  We did the mile trail around the outside of the park, with Raylan riding his bike most of the way.  Afterward Raylan played on the splash pad to cool off.  He didn't have extra clothes, so he wore his underwear.

Not to be outdone by the older kids, Raylan scales a tree in his undies.

I've got no idea how that little girl got wet. 
Splash pad button?  What splash pad button?!
After the park we went home.  Raylan got a bath and ate lunch.  I went over and fed Mandy's dogs because she was out of town.  

Gage (the visiting boxer) and Darla
Sunday night I had band practice with Reed and Frank.  We sounded pretty good and had fun.
Later that night I stayed up too late watching Wind River.  It was pretty good.  It had been a while since I watched a thriller like that.  It had one of the most intense gunfight scenes that I had seen in a long  time.

On Monday, Labor Day, I got up and went to the gym.  Then Amy went to the gym, and I took Raylan shopping.  We got a few Halloween decorations, and I bought him a toy truck at Target.  I let him pick some stuff out, and I think he got tired walking around At Home (the old Garden Ridge, which is gigantic) and Target.
At home we had lunch outside with Amy.

Labor Day pizza party on the patio
Raylan and I both napped a bit in the afternoon.  It started to rain a bit after we got up.  We played inside and watched some shows.
Amy made some really good meatballs with a red pepper sauce for dinner along with a cucumber salad.  Very good.
And that was the weekend!

I hope everyone has a good week.  
I hope the Longhorns find a way to turn things around!

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