Monday, August 27, 2018


Hi!  We had a pretty good weekend.
On Friday night we just sort of crashed.  Last week was a busy week, so on Friday we ate leftovers and took it easy.
On Saturday we got up and went out to breakfast at Kerbey Lane.
I played with Raylan a bit afterward.  He's really into his Duplo Lego blocks right now, so we made some trucks and cars out of those.

"This is a flatbed truck, Dad!"
"That's not a flatbed."
"The bed isn't flat."
"This is my really cool truck, Dad!"
Later on Saturday we went over to Garrison Park pool to go swimming.  They changed the hours now that the kids are back in school, so we ended up getting there about an hour early.  We played on the playground for an hour, and then headed over to the pool.
We had a lot of fun swimming.  Raylan made friends with a little boy who was about a year older than him, and he had lots of fun swimming with him and doing "tricks".  Amy and I talked to the boy's mom (he also had an infant sister who was there), and she was really nice.
We got ice cream at Dairy Queen on the way home and Raylan ended up, predictably, covered in chocolate.

Saturday night we were going to go out for pizza at Pinthouse, but we ended up parking next door near Bombay Bistro.  I mentioned to Raylan that we were going to have to park near the Indian restaurant, and Raylan started shouting that he didn't want pizza- that he wanted Indian food, instead (he demanded samosas and naan, in particular).
So we took out weird little 3 year old for Indian food instead of pizza.
We had a nice dinner.  Raylan got his samosas and naan and ate aloo tikki for the first time (which he enjoyed).  His enjoyment of Indian food kind of blows my mind.  I don't think I ever even had Indian food until college or later.  Anyway, he's still pretty picky about a lot of foods, but he likes Indian.

Proof that Raylan loves samosas
On Sunday we got up and went grocery shopping at HEB.  Amy tells Raylan and I what sort of fruits and vegetables to get, and I let Raylan pick them out and put them in bags.  He gets very excited to do this, and he likes to loudly count them out as he drops them into the bags.
After the store we went home.  Amy went to the gym (I had gone when I first got up), and Raylan did some painting out on the back porch.

This started out as a car.  Then it got a little more abstract.

When you ask Raylan to describe his paintings, you really get
a sense of the emotional intensity that he brings to his art.
After the painting Raylan played in his pool for a while.  Amy came home and grilled eggplant while Raylan splashed.

Sunday afternoon Raylan took a nap while Amy and I got an hour or two to do some other stuff (I think I actually read a book for a few minutes).

Sunday evening I had Mono Ensemble practice.  We had an all acoustic practice (albeit amplified, with drums).  I thought it went fairly well.

And that was pretty much the weekend.

Mom and Dad are back from Europe this week.  Hopefully they had a good trip!

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