Monday, August 20, 2018


How is everyone?  Well, it's back to school time here in Austin, so even though it's still over 100 degrees, in some sense, fall has technically begun.
Last week my mom and dad left for a trip to Europe with our family friends, the Magsigs.  They're going on a riverboat cruise, and I'm sure they will have a nice time.
Meanwhile, back here things continue to chug along.
Raylan is transitioning to a new class at his preschool this week.  Last week he did half days in his new class, and this week he has completely moved up.  He's gone from being an Owl to being a Butterfly.
On Thursday night Raylan had a low fever and said that his ear hurt.  On Friday morning I took him to the doctor, and he had an ear infection.  We caught it pretty early, though, and he started antibiotics.  By Friday night he was already feeling better.
On Saturday Amy and I had a foster care training class to attend.  Mandy was nice enough to watch Raylan during the day on Saturday, and it sounds like he had a really fun time playing with her.

Steanso and Amy get a little silly after a few hours of sitting
through the same training for the second time in two years.

Lunch with Mandy!
We got out of our training on Saturday a little earlier than we expected (which was nice).

Saturday evening we met up with Ryan and Jamie at Mandola's for dinner.  It was good to see them. It seemed like it had been a while.  We had a nice meal, and then afterward we went out to the playground behind the restaurant.  Raylan got to burn off some energy and play with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Jamie a bit.

Raylan shows Uncle Ryan some climbing techniques

There were other kids at this playground, but somehow
not in these pictures...

Uncle Ryan is maybe going to throw Raylan back up the
slide once he reaches the bottom?

On Sunday we got up and went to Mt. Playmore.  Mt. Playmore is a giant indoor playground and sort of arcade/amusement park for little kids.  Raylan has been watching some Blippi on TV, so he's seen videos of Blippi at trampoline parks and indoor playgrounds (case ya don't know, Blippi is some sort of weird Millennial with a five o'clock shadow and colorful suspenders who makes internet videos for kids- screenings of Blippi videos at our house may not be the high point of my performance as a parent, but Raylan looooves them).  Anyway, Katerina, J.R., and Logan showed up to see us at Mt. Playmore, as well as Libby, Jordan, and Rowan.  We had a fun time!  Raylan played so hard on the playscape that he got all winded and sweaty.

Rowan and Raylan, junior fire fighters
Later on Sunday there was some playing and some cooking.

Raylan and the colorful lion

Making some blueberry crumble with Mom.
Upon looking at this picture, it occurs to me that putting your hand into
a food processor while you have a preschooler in easy reach of the
blending buttons is an act of faith...

Coverin' da blueberries wit da crummmble......
Later I went to band practice and played with Reed and Jim.  I played my 12 string acoustic, and Jim played his upright bass,  It was fun.

Today Raylan started in his new class, The Butterflies, at the UT Child Development Center.  His new teacher is named Ashley, just like his old teacher, so that should be easy to remember.  She seems really nice.  Going into his classroom this morning was interesting and fun.  Last year when he started a lot of the kids weren't even really talking much yet.  This year they aren't toddlers- they're little kids.  Two of his old buddies from last year's class were there, and they were already having a very classic little boy discussion about how "poop" is a hilarious word.  Other kids were discussing their snacks and talking about their toys.  I'm excited for this year.  ;-)

Raylan's shirt says "Call My Own Shots".  This includes picking his own
outfit and shoes for the beginning of the new year.  Hahaha!!
Well, that's about it.  Have a good week!!

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