Sunday, May 06, 2018


Hope everyone is having a good May so far.
We had a nice weekend.
On Friday we had sort of torrential rains here in Austin.  It rained really hard most of the day, but by the evening the bad weather was clearing out.
On Saturday Amy was volunteering for the Austin Women's Resource Fair (which does everything from medical and legal services to job training to haircuts and clothing).
Raylan and I walked down to Central Market for a father-son breakfast.  Raylan got to wear his rain boots and jump in puddles made by Friday's rain.  Very exciting.

breakfast with Dad
Afterward we walked over to Great Clips and got Raylan a haircut.  He was shockingly well-behaved.  He had told me that he would be really good if he could get a lollipop at the end, and he was true to his word (although, afterward, he found it patently unfair that the lollipop kept getting smaller as he was sucking on it).

haircut accomplished, we headed home
After breakfast and a haircut, I took Raylan on a Capital Metro bus ride.  We took the Metrorapid 803 route and rode from Westgate down to Ladybird Lake.  Raylan was pretty excited to ride on a bus. He talked to a few people, and the bus driver gave him an apple.  He kept suggesting places that the bus should take us, so he's not exactly clear on the whole bus route part of the system.  He had a lot of questions about how the bus stops work, though, so he's getting there.

The bus driver was pretty sure that this was the most excited rider
she'd picked up this week.

A man about town
We rode down to the hike and bike trail around Ladybird Lake.  We watched the paddleboarders and walked on the pedestrian bridge and walked on the trial a little bit.  Raylan was good and he had fun.  He eventually got a little tired and said he was hungry, so we headed for home for lunch and a nap.
In the afternoon I got to go for a bike ride.  The weather was nice, and it was really fun to pedal around town.  People were out and about on South Congress as well as biking and walking in the neighborhoods.

Saturday was also Cinco de Mayo!  Amy made some really good chicken tacos, and we had salsa and guacamole.  Good food!

On Sunday we got up and went to Kerbey for breakfast.
We went to Garrison Park for a while and ran some errands.

The boy is a daredevil!

I went to the gym (Amy did an exercise video at home, I think) and in the evening I had band practice.  Practice was good.

And that was the weekend,  We had a nice one.
Hope that everyone else had a nice weekend as well!

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