Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend

Hey! This is sort of a delayed post, but things have been busy in our world.
On about last Thursday we got an email saying that our foster son, Marty, was going to be leaving our care.  Initially he was supposed to be discharged to CPS on Friday, but then things got pushed back until the following Tuesday due to complications with his placement over the Memorial Day weekend.
Anyway, Marty was with us for about 3 weeks, and he had really settled in with the family during that time.  He had settled in at his preschool, was getting along really well with Raylan, was sleeping well, had become a lot better about eating some fruit and other healthy foods, had become interested in having books read to him, and had become much more much more interested in talking and learning new words.  He seemed to enjoy being on a schedule, and he was happy to participate in all of our activities.
Anyway, he was a happy, fun kid, and I was sorry to hear that he was leaving so soon.
We had a good Memorial Day weekend, though!
On Saturday we went to Deep Eddy to go swimming.  Both boys seemed to really enjoy it.  The cold springwater felt good.  Raylan has been going to swimming lessons, and my parents have assured me that he is capable of swimming (and provided some video evidence), but he refused to swim at Deep Eddy.  He was all about the wading.  And the hopping.  And the illicit running.  And the slipping and falling.

The boys storm the beach

Steanso tries to herd the 3 year olds
On Sunday we got up and went to Kerbey Lane for breakfast.  Raylan and Marty seemed happy to be there and ate well.  After breakfast they walked on the benches out front and Raylan showed Marty the importance of sitting on small, decorative boulders in the parking lot.  Later, Ryan and Jamie came over to join us for a hot dog cookout and to meet Marty.
They played magnet tiles with the kids and played on the swing set and ate hot dogs and watermelon.


After lunch the boys played in the sprinkler and played with bubbles.

One of the rituals that marks the beginning of summer has to be the
sprinkler run
On Monday, Memorial Day, we tried to go to a splash pad at one of the South Austin parks near our house, but the splash pad was broken.  Then we tried to go to one at Butler Park, but there was some kind of marathon or road race going on so there was nowhere to park.
Ultimately, we took Marty and Raylan to Barton Springs to go swimming.  
It was a nice day, and I enjoyed it.  Marty was not a big fan of Barton Springs.  He was concerned that the water was too cold (even though he handled Deep Eddy with little problem), and he said it was dirty (there were fish in the water and some algae, and he complained about both).  Raylan, on the other hand, seemed to have a blast.  He liked the fish and the pipe that was draining some of the water and creating a tiny whirlpool.  He seemed to really dig the whole natural aspect of the place and kept asking to see where the spring water comes into the pool (which he never saw- I think it's somewhere like 20 feet deep under the diving board, or so I've been told).
Anyway, Marty sat in the shade up under the trees and laughed at the silly kids who were splashing in the water and playing with swim noodles.  Despite the fact that he didn't so a lot of swimming, he still seemed to have a good time.
In the afternoon I took Marty and Raylan to a Memorial Day cookout over at Mandy's house.  Amy had been on kid duty earlier while I ran errands, so she bowed out to go to the gym and have some Amy time. 
Mandy had set up some kiddie pools and did some grilling.  Obviously Mandy was there, along with Spencer, Donna Rene, Kate, Andy and Rami and Wilson, Vicki, Ellie, Jackbart and Stephanie (Jackbart's lady, who I met for the first time- very nice), Kellie and TJ and Jojo and Goldie, and Darla Dog.
It was a lot of fun.  I got to catch up with old friends, and the kids had a blast playing in the pools, squirting each other with squirt guns, and eating hot dogs and chips.  Everyone got to meet Marty and say hi to Raylan.  Thanks to Mandy for helping to make Memorial Day 2018 special!

Lord of the Flies/Memorial Day at Mandy's place.

And that was about it for Memorial Day weekend.  On Tuesday Marty's CPS worker came and picked him up to go transition to a different placement.
I'm not gonna lie- it made me sad.
I didn't sleep well either the night before or the night after.
I slept on his floor for a good part of the night the first few nights when he first got here so he wouldn't be scared.  I took him to a couple of doctor's appointments and took care of him when he was scared (with Amy's help, of course), and I helped him get used to daycare when he was scared to get dropped off.
So it bothered me to know that he might be scared somewhere without us to help.
BUT, we did the best that we could while we had him, and I have to believe that he's going to be in a better situation than he was in when he arrived with us.
But it's hard.
I really miss that kid.

But we had a great experience with him.  Not always an easy one, but a really good one.

So that was out Memorial Day weekend.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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