Sunday, May 20, 2018


Hey!  Well, the last week or so has been good, but very busy and a little chaotic.  We're still adjusting to life as a family of 4, with our new foster son.  I can't reveal any identifying information online about our foster son, so I've blurred out his face in the images posted on the blog, and I'm going to have to give him a pseudonym, sine I can't use his real name.  For blog purposes, I'm going to call him Marty (because I feel like it, that's why!).  sorry about the blurred face pictures.  I know it's a little weird, but it's necessary, and I still like posting pictures of what we're up to!
So, last week we had to get Marty's immunizations up to date and get him registered for preschool. We got that stuff taken care of (after some minor paperwork drama with the immunization forms), and got him enrolled in a preschool.  He doesn't go to the same daycare as Raylan, so now we're dropping off and picking up two different kids from two different daycares in two parts of town.  Still, we were happy to get Marty into a pretty good daycare so quickly.
Raylan and Marty seem to get along really well, which is nice.  They play together and look for each other and ask about each other when being picked up from school.  They're both pretty active, engaged kids, though, and they both like parental attention, so they keep us on our toes.
On Friday we all went out to La Posada for dinner.  We had a nice time.  The boys were pretty well behaved, and we had a nice dinner.

La Posada on a Friday night.
On Saturday we got up and played in the yard and then went to The Thinkery.

Raking up the playground mulch in the backyard on Saturday.
I'm not sure that my co-workers are pulling their weight.

Raylan makes shadow wall art at The Thinkery

Amy gets in on the shadow art action

Marty and Raylan in the Thinkery's water room
We had a really good time at the Thinkery.  The boys had a great time.  Raylan has a bunch of favorite activities there, and Marty seemed really excited to try everything out (except the climber- Marty don't climb).

Saturday night my parents came over and watched the boys so we could go out to dinner and meet up with Ryan and Jamie for a movie.  We went to Hyde Park Grill, and then we went downtown to see The Underworld Story as part of the Noir City film festival at the Alamo Drafthouse.  We had a good time, enjoyed the movie, and it was good to see Ryan and Jamie.

On Sunday we had quite a bit of rain.  We took Raylan and Marty over to Barton Creek Mall to run some energy off.  We got out of the rain, but it felt like the air wasn't turned on in the mall, so it was sort of warm and humid.
Raylan, Marty, and Amy watch the rain come down.  It's hard to say
which of them was the most disappointed...

Mall trekkin' with Mom!
Later, the rain stopped, and the boys got to play in the yard.  They had a good time just being at home in the afternoon with nowhere to be and some time to just play and slow down a bit.
Two boys and two bowls with yard snacks
That was about it.  After dinner and baths the boys got to play a little bit.

Lady, that tooth is definitely going to have to come out!!
In between all of these things there were some errands and trips to the gym and struggling to get naps and getting food ready and potty training and packing up to leave to go places and trying to get everyone to sit down for meals and lots of other things.

But it was good.  Life is good.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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