Sunday, April 29, 2018


Our weekend was pretty good.  On Friday night we went out and had some Tex-Mex food.
On Saturday we got up an went to the Sunset Valley Art Festival.  We had a good time.  The weather was great.
We heard the Bowie High steel drum band (Raylan seemed to sort of like their music, but thought it was too loud) and locally renowned children's singer-songwriter, Joe McDermott.  There was, of course, also some art.  I spent some time chasing Raylan and trying to prevent him from grabbing/mangling/destroying the art that was on display from local artists.
Raylan, painting a flower pot at an art festival tent sponsored by
Home Depot

Raylan got his boogie on for Joe McDermott
Later we went to the grocery store.  Raylan helped select produce.
There was some backyard fun on Saturday as well.

sprinkler time is here again!!!

"Do you want to SWING in the hammock?!?!"
Saturday night we grilled salmon burgers an ate dinner on the back porch.

Late Saturday night (well, at 4:00 a.m., so technically Sunday morning) we got a call from our foster agency about a placement.  The call involved a little girl who had just arrived in the country from Ghana with her mother.  The story involved is sort of complicated, but basically the girl's mother was at the hospital, and at risk of being detained for customs/immigration matters.  Our social worker came to our house, expecting CPS to do a placement, but, in the end, it never happened.  There were legal entanglements with contacting the mother's embassy, the girl's father was on the phone from Ghana, and eventually some of their family here in the U.S. showed up and got involved.
Anyway, there was a lot of excitement, but no placement.  It was a roller coaster.

On Sunday morning, having been up since 4:00 a.m. (except Raylan, who got up around 6:30), we got hungry.  We had breakfast at Kerbey Lane.

Raylan explains to us what will happen to your face if you eat a lemon.

I took Raylan for a ride to the park on Sunday (while Amy took her turn going to the gym).

Later we all took a nap.

In the afternoon, Ryan and Jamie came over.  They brought Raylan a small, toy washing machine.  It's battery operated, makes sounds, and actually spins around when you put things in it.
Raylan has been obsessed with it for 2 days.
Sunday evening we weren't having band practice, so Frank came over and we sat on the porch and played guitar (and drank a beer or two).  The weather was good, and it was a nice way to spend an hour or two.

You're in luck, neighbors!  Free show!!

And that was the weekend.  Have a good week!


The League said...

I am sort of afraid I've turned Raylan into a Laundry Monster and I apologize.

J.S. said...

Laundry Zombie!!! Actually the most free time I've had in quite a while...