Sunday, April 01, 2018

Easter Weekend Update

We had a good Easter Weekend!

Here's a shot of Raylan going to his swim lesson on Thursday with Grandma and Papa on Thursday. He likes his swim lessons.

On Saturday went out for breakfast and dyed Easter eggs and went to an Egg Drop over at Sunrise Community Church in our neighborhood.

Amy and Raylan get some color on those eggs!
The Egg Drop was fun!  Raylan found forty three colored eggs, and won a little prize.

some of these eggs are not that hard to find

Dad supervision of egg collection

Raylan, suddenly realizing that he's on a train that's being pulled by a riding
lawnmower driven by a man that he doesn't know, starts to wonder what he's
gotten himself into

a perfect landing on the egg drop bounce slide

Raylan was far less scared of the Easter Bunny than Santa Clause

Trying to check under the bunny for eggs at the petting zoo

serious about his bounce moves in the bounce house
On Sunday we went to church at Triumphant Love with Mom and Dad for Easter service.  It was a nice service.  Raylan liked the music, although he still gets a little restless during the service.

After church we stayed and had some cookies and treats in the fellowship hall.
After that we headed home.
At home, Raylan got to open stuff in his Easter basket and have a small egg hunt at the house.

Easter loot

The Easter Bunny was slightly craftier when hiding these eggs than he
was at the Egg Drop
Mom and Dad came over and brought Raylan some Easter goodies.  They stayed for some egg salad sandwiches and snacks.

Then Raylan took a nap, and that was pretty much the conclusion of the Easter festivities.
It was a nice Easter!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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