Monday, September 11, 2017


Hi! So after a sort of rough month of August (with Raylan, Amy, and myself all getting sick), we had a pretty nice weekend.
I went back to work on Friday after having been out the rest of the week (two doctors visits, two different prescription for antibiotics, and some chest x-rays in between).
On Saturday we had some tree trimming done, which ended up taking up a lot of the day.
We have a lot of trees in our yard, which is great for beating the heat during Texas summers, but they require a certain amount of maintenance or they just get out of control.

We got to watch UT beat San Jose State by a score of 56 to 0.  I'm not sure that Texas really proved a whole lot by beating up on San Jose State, but if they had lost, that would have been an extraordinarily bad omen, so we were happy to see them win.  Also, Sam Ehlinger was able to demonstrate an ability to successfully execute plays during an actual game, and Chris Warren III showed an ability to run the football, so that was nice to see.  Amy made queso for the game.  Yum.

On Saturday evening we went out to my parents' house to celebrate Uncle Donald's birthday.  It was good to see him and spend time with the rest of the family.  Mom, Dad, Jamie, Ryan, Donald, Susan, Marlene and Tom Leigh, and Susan's friend, Lindsey were all there for dinner.
We had salmon burgers and sausages and cake and ice cream.

"A party AND a Longhorn game?!"
"Mom, it's cake!  Are you seeing the cake?!?!"

Lindsey, Donald, and Susan have some cake

On Sunday we went out to breakfast and then went to the zoo.  We had some really nice weather this weekend, so it seemed like a good day for it.

"Oh hello, goats!!"

Chad, Mary, and Truett met us at the zoo.  Raylan was insanely excited to see them.  He couldn't stop running around.  Raylan has a tendency to wander off (i.e., run away) when we're at the zoo, so it was good to have Truett there, since Raylan didn't want to lose sight of him.  Truett seemed happy to see Raylan, too, although he was perhaps slightly daunted by Raylan's chaotic hyperactivity (which was not at all inappropriate).

On the train with Cahd, Mary, and Truett

"Truett, you're aware that if you see a bench, chair, or other
elevated object, it's important to get on top of it as soon
as possible, right?"

The rest of Sunday mostly involved running a few errands and getting some exercise while Raylan got a nap.
We played outside a bit.  Sidewalk chalk art and playing on Fort Raylan.

Then we had dinner and a bath and went to bed.  Amy did some stitching in the evening.

And that was the weekend!
It was nice.  Lots of outside time and open windows, enjoying the beautiful weather.

Have a good week!

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