Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Labor Day Update

Hey!  I'm gonna keep this one pretty short.  I started feeling sick Thursday afternoon, and by a Thursday night I had a fever.
I went to a clinic, and they prescribed me some antibiotics.
I missed work Friday, and was home and feeling funky the whole weekend.
Amy took care of Raylan.  They went to the park a couple of times, but mostly just hung out around the house.
I'm still home sick today, and I've got another doctor appointment this afternoon.
Thanks to Amy for bearing with me and for taking care of Raylan.  I definitely wasn't much help.
Have a good week!

By the way, Raylan loves the Curious George Halloween story.  Except he gets scared of the ghost.  Who is actually just Curious George in a tablecloth....


Raylan selfie:



Jean said...

Take it easy Jason and get well soon!

J.S. said...

Thank you!