Monday, September 18, 2017


Things have been pretty good over at our house.  It's nice to not have anyone sick for a change (BIG knock on wood).
Last week we had a meet and greet with the parents and teacher in Raylan's class at school (Amy and I are class parents for this year- because, ya know, we were bored and didn't have enough going on).
It was good to meet the parents and put names with faces.
On Wednesday we did another foster parent training at Upbring.  The training was pretty good, but probably could have been a little shorter.  There was a couple there who have had 14 foster placements in their home, so they had some good practical advice to share with everyone.
On Thursday Grandma and Papa took Raylan for the day so he could go to swim lessons an whatnot.  When Amy and I got home from work we all went to Phil's Icehouse so we could eat some dinner and let Raylan play on the playground.

People who say toddlers won't eat vegetables are crazy.
French fries are made out of potatoes.  Which are a vegetable.
I think.
I don't really remember what we did Friday night.  Sometime last week Amy and I watched a movie called Sing Street about a group of high school kids in Ireland who start a band.  It was sort of a coming of age story told through the framework of 1980's kids in a garage band.  It was pretty good.  We enjoyed it.  So maybe we watched that on Friday night.
On Saturday we got up and went out for breakfast and ran some errands.
We went to Home Depot, and there was a lady in the store who was playing a harp (inexplicably, she was also selling inspections for A/C units) as well as a therapy horse (miniature variety) in the parking lot.  Raylan also got to ride in a race car shopping cart.
I think Raylan's expectations have been artificially raised in terms of future trips to Home Depot.

"Dad, if you move the cart a little closer, I think I can get
right onto this horse."
Amy had purchased a new grill for us online, which was delivered earlier this week.  On Saturday I finally got around to putting it together.  The assembly was a little more involved than I had anticipated...

By the time I'm done we'll either have a new grill or a fantastic piece
of yard art.
On Saturday night I went over to Ryan's house (Jamie was out of town, visiting Heather Wagner) and watched the UT-USC game.  UT ended up losing the game, but it was a hard fought battle, with the game going into double overtime.
Given the fact that I had gone into the game thinking that we were probably going to get blown out by 20 or more points, I was actually pretty happy with the result.  Our 18 year old, true freshman quarterback, Sam Ehlinger, showed a lot of grit, recovering from mistakes to make big plays and appearing to read the USC defense better and better as the game progressed.
If he can maintain that level of play consistently, and if UT's defense and offensive line can continue to demonstrate the skill that they showed in the USC game, we're gonna be okay.

On Sunday Amy attended a dual baby shower that she helped to plan and put on for her friends Shelly and Emily.  The shower was at her friend Heather's house in Hyde Park.
So it was, at least in part, a Raylan and Dad day.
Raylan and I headed over to Uncle Ryan's house to help him move some furniture out to the curb for bulk trash day.
Raylan also got to see Ryan's dogs, Scout and Lucy, and play with a few of Ryan's toy- erm.... collectibles!  I think that Uncle Ryan's house is rapidly becoming a place of mystery and wonder in Raylan's toddlerbrain.

Raylan correctly pointed out that this helmet would probably protect
his head when he was flying his spaceship.
After moving furniture, Raylan, Ryan, and I went to La Posada for lunch.  We had a good time.

It also sounds like the baby shower went well!  Sounded like people were happy with it.
Emily, Amy, and Shelly

I took Raylan home and put him down for a nap.
Amy eventually came home with lots of leftover party goodies.

In the evening I went to band practice.  It was just Reed and Frank and I, but we had a good time and sounded pretty good.

And that was the weekend!  I hope everyone had a nice one!

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