Sunday, May 07, 2017


Hi!  How are ya?  Are weekend was pretty good.
Friday night was Cinco de Mayo.  We tried to go to La Posada to celebrate, but, despite the fact that we got there early, there was a huge line out the door.  I was troubled to an unreasonable degree by this.  I guess I've come to think of La Posada as sort of "our place", so the intrusion of all these interlopers one of our Friday night spots made me grumpy.  Momentarily.  We ended up getting something else for dinner, and going to La Posada the next morning for breakfast instead.
And after our breakfast, Raylan, of course, wanted to go to the laundromat to see the washing machines going around and around.

"I can't explain why, Dad, but this is important."
Later that morning Raylan insisted upon driving the car.

On Saturday night my Grandma and Poppa took Raylan for the night, and Amy and I went to see The New Pornographers at Stubb's.  We ran into our friend, Adam, at the show, which was really fun.
The show was really good.
Despite the punk rock sound of their name (which is apparently a reference to a claim by Jimmy Swaggart that rock music was "the new pornography"), the New Pornographers play fairly accessible, uptempo form of harmony-driven rock that alternates between being catchy, fun, and occasionally powerful.
We really enjoyed the show, and it was great to get to hang out with Adam.

Three toddler parents who all look pretty happy to have
made it over the wall to see a show!

On Sunday we ran some errands, and the Raylan came home and we spent some time just playing with him around the house.

May 2017 in our back yard.

In the evening I went to band practice, which was good.
Amy made chicken tinga for dinner.  It was excellent.

And that was the weekend!!

Over too fast...

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