Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day in AZ

Howdy!  Hope everyone is doing well!
We just got back from a very nice trip to Arizona over the Memorial Day weekend.  We flew out on Saturday (thanks for the airport shuttling, Mom and Dad), and got to Phoenix in the afternoon.
We stayed at Carol and Jerry's house, which was really nice.  They were up at their cabin at Munds Park when we first got there.
Raylan slept pretty well.  We had fish tacos from Rubio's the first night.  Good stuff.  Jean made some desert bars that had chocolate and coconut.  Also very good.
Sunday morning we got up and exercised and went to the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale.  Raylan loves butterflies, and the place had thousands of them.  He was very excited.  Jean, Amy, and I also really enjoyed it.  Beautiful colors.

Sunday evening the Sinex crew came over, and Raylan got to play with his cousins.  They all got along well together.  Jean and Greg made a marinated, grilled chicken dinner with potatoes, salad, and a really tasty and interesting peanut sauce.

On Monday morning I borrowed Greg's bike and went for a bike ride.  As hot as it gets in Arizona, the mornings are actually pretty cool (God bless low humidity).  I rode about 15 miles.  It was a nice change of scenery, and the flat terrain in their part of the valley made the riding pretty easy.


After the bike ride and Amy's exercise we met Matt and the kids at the Vistancia pool.  Raylan had a blast.  He loooves the water, and he had fun with his cousins.  He tries really hard to swim.  Soon!
Their neighborhood pool has a couple of big water slides, so Scott and I went down them a few times.



On Monday Jerry and Carol arrived back in town, so we got to hang out with them on Monday afternoon.  It was nice to catch up with them.
Monday night I went out to dinner with Jean, Amy, and Greg at Saigon Kitchen while Carol and Jerry took care of Raylan and got him to bed. We had a really delicious, nice dinner.  It's a really good restaurant.
Tuesday morning I went for another bike ride, we hung out with the family a bit more, and then we had to head to the airport.  It was a really nice trip!
Thanks for the hospitality, Phoenix Family!



Jean said...

We sure enjoyed your visit, and I am happy the Steans team got some shut eye on the flight back to TX!

J.S. said...

We had a great trip! Thanks again for everything!