Monday, May 15, 2017

Touch-a-Truck; Mother's Day

Hi!  Hope everyone had a good weekend!
Friday night I think we ate pizza and just relaxed.  I took part in a Twitter viewing of Escape from New York  that Ryan hosted for his blog, The Signal Watch.  It was fun, even though I missed the beginning because Raylan decided he didn't want to go to sleep.
Saturday morning we got up and went to Maria's Taco Xpress for breakfast.  There had been an article in the paper saying that Maria's was closing down because the property taxes on the place were making the operation unfeasible.  When I talked to the woman who took our order, though, she said she thought things had stabilized and that the plan, at least for now, was to keep the place open indefinitely.
Which is good news!  We like Maria's, and it's a sort of South Austin institution!

Raylan learns on his first trip to Maria's that the salsa is
a little bit spicy.
"I can't believe you guys almost let me die."
After breakfast we went to Touch-a-Truck over at Camp Mabry.  It's a really cool event for the kiddos, and it benefits SAFE Austin, a program designed to prevent domestic and child abuse and to help victims.
Basically Touch-a-Truck involves a bunch of trucks from the City of Austin, construction companies, fire department, EMS, etc., and the kids get to, well, touch the trucks.  They can sit in them if they want, and they're even allowed to honk the horns.  Local businesses provide treats and bounce houses and stuff like that (thanks for the popsicles, HEB!!).
Raylan loved it!  He loved touching the trucks and their tires right away.  At first he was afraid to sit in the trucks (they're pretty big), but once Amy got up into a dump truck and sat in it with him, from then out he was excited and wanted to do everything.

"These look like my toy trucks.  But they're really big.  Orrrrrr did someone
shrink us and make us really small?!?!"

"Everyone wants me to honk this one more time."

"So where do you need me to dig the hole, lady?"

Family in a front loader!

The helicopter was technically not part of Touch-a-Truck, but still
very cool!  and I'm guessing that the soldiers who work at Camp Mabry
probably don't really appreciate it on a daily basis the way that Raylan

In addition to touching the trucks, Ryaln got to go into his first bounce house (short-lived- too many big kids), play in an inflatable play pen, and run around an awful lot.
After Touch-a-Truck there was lunch and napping.  Amy and I exercised.

Saturday afternoon we went grocery shopping.  We thought it would be fun, since we had sort of a short list, to go to Central Market.  We were wrong.
It was just sort of a madhouse in there.  I like Central Market, but Saturday afternoon is apparently not the time to go.

Sunday was Mother's Day!  We got up and messed around a bit in the yard.

Raylan helping his mom water the flowers on Mother's Day morning.
Later we met up with Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Jamie for brunch at The Iron Cactus.
It was nice!  We had good food, and it was fun to hang out with everyone and celebrate.
Between Amy and Mom, we have two great mothers in our midst, and while we appreciate them every day, it's nice to get a chance to put a punctuation mark on it once a year!
When you think about all of the endless work and toil and worry and effort that goes into being a mother, there's nothing that really repays that debt like brunch once a year, right?

Love you, Amy!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

So that was Mother's Day.  Other from that, we spent some time at home hanging out in our yard and playing with the kiddo.  I ran an errand or two.

That was the weekend!

Hope you guys had a good one!

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