Sunday, April 30, 2017


Pretty nice weekend, all in all.  Amy had to work a little late on Friday night.  I took Raylan over to Kerbey Lane to grab some dinner, and Amy joined us just in time to have a meal with her men.  Worked out well.
Saturday we went and visited Mandy, Donna Rene, and Spencer across the street in the morning.  Good to see them!  Saturday also involved a lot of errands.
Some more fun than others.  While Amy went shopping for make up or something like that, I took Raylan to Petsmart.  He had fun looking at the fish, birds, reptiles, rodents, and cats that were up for adoption.  
We ate dinner afterward at La Posada.  Raylan ate chicken soft tacos and some kids won a stuffed bunny from the claw machine and were nice enough to give it to Raylan, who was very excited.  Afterwards we went to one of Raylan's favorite places.  The laundromat.  To watch the clothes going around and around.
Somehow the weather changed from hot and steamy to cool and clear while we were at La Posada.  Miraculous!

On Sunday we got up and, the weather still being cool and dry, went to the zoo.

"Hey, guys!  It's been a while..."

"Mom, do NOT turn your back on the peacocks."

Sunday afternoon Amy and I exercised, and afterward we played with Raylan out in our yard.
Ryan, Jamie, and Dad came over for spaghetti dinner Sunday night.  (Mom was out of town visiting her friend, Barb). It was a really nice evening.  The food was great, it was nice to get a chance to catch up with them, and Raylan, of course, loved having everyone over (and only asked where Grandma was once).

Family Din Din

"Dragons looooove tacos, Aunt Jamie.  Also, this book has some
important warnings about spicy salsa."

It was a really nice weekend.  It went by way too fast.

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