Monday, November 07, 2016


Hey!  Hope everyone had a good weekend!
Ours had some ups and downs.  Friday night was pretty uneventful, I guess.
I had a hearing at work that got me out somewhat late for a Friday, so Amy picked up Raylan.  We ate tacos from Torchy's.
On Saturday we had a parent work day at Raylan's child care center.
We ended up cleaning up the sandbox and replacing sand, cleaning up leaves on the property, and moving some pieces of furniture into storage.  Stuff like that.  It was good!  We got to meet some of the other parents, visit with some of the teachers, and take part in a little bit of community building.

"The new sand is great, Mom, but those guys over there seem to be
doing stuff with dangerous tools, so I need to get a much closer look."

Proud moms with 1,500 pounds of new sandbox sand!
When we got home I watched the UT-Texas Tech game (I had recorded some of it because the work day overlapped with the game).  UT won again!  On the road!  It was fun to watch them win.  D'Onta Foreman is emerging as an extremely powerful running back, and even starting to generate some Heisman hype.  The Longhorn defense actually held its own against a fairly powerful offense.  UT almost blew it a few times with fumbles, dropped passes, and some questionable play calling late in the game, but we squeaked it out.  A win's a win, and we'll take it!

It was sort of rainy and gloomy outside by Saturday afternoon.  At some point while we were playing inside we realized  that Raylan felt warm and was acting sort of cranky.  We took his temperature, and it was 102.
Wah wah.

So that slowed us down a bit.

This pic was taken before I realized Raylan was sick.  Hopefully he's
just trying to play hide and seek as opposed to having a fever-induced
The rest of Saturday involved a dreary day with a cranky kid who wasn't feeling super well.  I made a run to the grocery store while Amy took Raylan for a ride in his stroller.  But mostly we stayed home and laid low.  Amy made tortilla soup, and it was delicious.

On Sunday Raylan seemed a little better.  His temperature was normal when he got up.  But he still wasn't feeling great.  We tried to go to breakfast, but aborted the trip when he sort of had a meltdown in the car on the way there (I picked up food for us, instead).  I'm not sure if there's some serious teething going on or a bit of sickness or both.  He has a doctor appointment on Monday, anyway, for his check up and shots, so I guess we'll find out.
Anyway, we took him to Target to wander around a bit, which he enjoyed.  He got a couple of new Hotwheels cars and a little bit of track.  We had fun with those when we got home.  Raylan is a fan of cars.

We also walked to the park and played with Raylan for a bit until it started drizzling.

Raylan and Amy both had naps on Sunday.  I went to the gym, and then we took turns watching Raylan so Amy could work out.

Raylan had a low fever in there somewhere, but he got some Tylenol, which seems to help.

I swear that Raylan put this hamper over
himself.  Although it gave me some design ideas for
a toddler quarantine mechanism.

Sunday night Amy had been scheduled to babysit for a friend and co-worker, Katarina, but they sort of cancelled on her at the last minute because her husband got sick (they had been planning to attend a concert).  Amy was sort of bummed to not get a chance to take care of Logan, I think.  (and the whole thing was even more confused, given that I had cancelled on band practice to take care of sick Raylan while Amy was supposed to be babysitting).  We were meant to all be home together on Sunday night, I think.
Anyway, we watched Westworld, and just had dinner and hung out and had a nice evening.  We're still really enjoying Westworld.

And that was pretty much the weekend! It was a little bumpy, but we had some fun in there with Raylan (who had his ups and downs, but is always a great kid).

Hope your week is off to a good start!

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