Monday, November 28, 2016


Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!  Ours was pretty nice.
On Wednesday Travis County shut down a little early, so I got to come home and hang out with Amy and Raylan.  We got to play around a bit and then Amy made a pecan pie with chocolate and bourbon in it.

Whole lotta turkeys in this picture!
On Thanksgiving Day we got up and watched a bit of the parade.  Amy made us breakfast while I played with Raylan.  I think we also went to the park for a little bit.
Amy made a green bean casserole.
In the afternoon we got cleaned up and rode out to Steiner Ranch for a nice Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom and Dad's house.

Raylan shows off his new Turkey Day duds while
pondering the fact that his guitar has no strings
In attendance were Susan, Uncle Donald, Mom, Dad, Ryan, Jamie, Doug, Kristen, and Dick.
The food was excellent!  Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, brussel sprouts, rolls, other vegetables, and certainly stuff I'm not thinking of (fruit salad?).
There were also appetizers and wine and lots of good conversation and company.

And here we are!

Raylan has taken to squiring a lot during photos,
so this picture represents something of a victory
We had a really nice Thanksgiving Dinner.  Big thanks to Mom and Dad for doing the work to host it. It was a really nice day.  Raylan started out kind of shy, but eventually he warmed up to all of the people and switched into "Raylan the Entertainer" mode.  That kid loves an audience.  He sorta worked himself into a tizzy and ran around showing off all his words and stuff.  Then he crashed and got tired, so we had to take him home.  Good day for him, too, though!

On Friday we got up and ran a few errands.  I also hung up the Christmas tree lights that day.  Raylan got a haircut, and a trip to the park.

Keeping it Festive!
On Saturday we went out for breakfast and did some team grocery shopping.  We set up the Christmas tree and decorated inside the house.  We also drove out near Steiner to look at some possible playground equipment for Raylan.  Afterward we hung out at Mom and Dad's house for a little while.

Raylan works up a thirst by steering the race car shopping cart
with his feet
Amy made a sort of slow cooker tamale pie recipe on Saturday that was muy bueno!  Unfortunately, Saturday night Amy got sort of sick.  Seems like it might have been food poisoning from some ice cream, maybe.  It wasn't from the tamale dish, because I had it and I was fine.
Anyway, she was sick pretty much all of Sunday.
I took Raylan with me to Central Market for breakfast, but then after that he went to Mom and Dad's house so Amy could get some rest without Raylan trying to barge into our bedroom or yelling at our bedroom door.  (such a quiet, meek child!)
Anyway, it seems like Amy is feeling better now, but Sunday was rough.
She was mostly in bed, but then did emerge long enough to watch Westworld with me before disappearing again.
I went to the gym, played guitar, and watched Batman v. Superman (not a great film, by any means, but not quite the total disaster that I had been anticipating).
So that was our holiday weekend!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year.  I have a lot to be thankful for.
I've got a job that I find fulfilling, a wonderful wife and an amazing son, a great family, and good friends.  
Life is good.
I've said this before- I'm not super religious, but I feel blessed.
My job has me working with a population of people who struggle to find food, housing, and relationships.  I work with people who have a hard time connecting with others without getting abused or exploited.  I work with people who have mental illness, addiction issues, and who struggle to just get through life.  For a lot of these people, life is pretty painful, and where respite is to be found from suffering, it often comes in the form of drugs and alcohol.
Sometimes that pain comes from making bad choices, but oftentimes it really is just a direct result of the circumstances into which people were born (and sometimes a person's background or mental functioning makes it extremely difficult for them to even realize what a good choice looks like).
Anyway, I don't take anything that I have for granted, because I regularly see the reality of how difficult life can be every day for many, many people.
So I look at my life, and I feel blessed.  I'm thankful to God, the universe, and everyone who makes a positive contribution to not only my life and my family, but the world in general.

Have a great week!


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long after we have disappeared from this Earth, the people will sing songs of Amy's pecan pie

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