Monday, March 07, 2016

Update; Mom's Big B-Day

Hey! How is everyone?
Springing into spring?
We had a pretty nice weekend.  On Friday night we watched Bridesmaids.  That movie is really funny.  I like to think of myself as having a somewhat intelligent sense of humor, buttttt... the food poisoning scene in the bridal shop gets me every time.  Plus, this movie still has one of Melissa McCarthy's funniest roles.
On Saturday we got up and ate some bagels.  We took turns exercising and Raylan wrangling, and then I went out and ran some errands while Amy went to Otto's first birthday party (arranged by her friend Heather).  The weather was nice, and it sounds like Amy and Raylan both had a good time.

(when you've got a Raylan in the house, it helps to have
an apron to wear when you're getting ready to go out)

Friday was Mom's 70th birthday.  Mom's not a huge fan of birthday celebrations, but, nevertheless, I called and talked to her on Friday, and then the whole family went out to dinner at Fonda San Miguel on Saturday.
We had a really nice time!  The restaurant was nice, and it was good to see everyone.  Ryan, Jamie, Susan, Ciara, Uncle Donald, and Mom and Dad were there along with Amy and me.
Mom seemed to enjoy herself, and she sort of moved around during dinner, getting a chance to talk to all of us.  I didn't really get a chance to talk to Ryan and Jamie much or Uncle Donald, but I still had a good time.  Very nice evening.

(Ryan gets the Mom and Dad b-day shot...)

Shelly and Kit were nice enough to babysit for us on Saturday night.  Apparently Raylan pretty much slept right through (which was lucky for them, since he was teething and a little cranky before going down).  We chatted with them for a few minutes when we got home and, afterwards, went to bed.

On Sunday we got up and went to Kerbey Lane with Raylan for breakfast.  We had a nice meal.
Afterwards we went to the grocery store.  Raylan seems to sort of have fun riding around at the grocery store. 
I worked out and ran some errands afterward. 
The day started out cloudy, but eventually got sunny.  We took Raylan to the park and went on a couple of walks.  Raylan took a couple of long naps.
(Did I mention that Raylan somehow lost his voice this weekend?  He seems otherwise healthy, but he's sort of horse, so he spent the weekend emitting squeaks and croaks instead of his usual shouts and roars.  I suppose I'm not supposed to think that it's funny.  But he seems okay.  And it makes me laugh.)

(Never look a 10 month old directly in the eye.
They will charge.)

(Springtime walk!)

("It turns out I like the playground!")
And that was pretty much the weekend.  Amy made a really tasty chicken/pepper/rice dish last night.  Very good! 
Happy birthday, Mom!
I love you very much!


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Two boys in a bubble! Great pictures and happy birthday to Karen!

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