Monday, February 29, 2016


Hey! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  It's feeling very spring-like here in the ATX.
We had a nice weekend after a pretty busy week.
We're having our driveway re-paved, along with having our patio fixed and a new front walkway put in.  So we have a lot of construction chaos going on at the house at the moment, but it's all in the interest of fixing our house up, which we're excited about.
(Diggers Go!)

On Friday night we watched Step Brothers, a 2008 comedy starring John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell about two grown men (40-something) who both still live with their respective parents and end up sharing the same house.  It's a ridiculous movie.  But it's fun.  I had seen it before, but this was Amy's first time.  I had sort of lukewarm memories of the movie, but ended up enjoying it more this time around.  Amy laughed at the movie most of the way through it, and then at the end told me it wasn't as funny as she thought it would be.  I think the expectations going into a movie with both Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly might just be too high (as they were for me the first time). 
I think it's a funny flick.
Anyway, that was Friday.
On Saturday my parents came and picked up Raylan to take him to stay with them overnight.
Several months ago I had bought Amy and I tickets for Rodgers & Hammerstein's The Sound of Music at Bass Concert Hall.  Amy had seen a TV review of the touring production and heard that it was good, and it's apparently one of her favorite musicals from her childhood.
I've seen The Sound of Music a number of times, myself (it's one of my mom's favorites, so we watched it on TV a number of times growing up).  I will admit, though, that I gradually sort of came to think of The Sound of Music as something that girls/women might be a little more interested in than boys/men.  Between all of the romance and the cute little singing kids (and the decided lack of gun battles, spaceships, ninjas, and robots), it wasn't something that I thought appealed to guys.
So, although I knew the music from the show, I went to The Sound of Music mostly to make Amy happy. 
But I ended up really enjoying it!
The musical performances were really terrific (some of the best that we've heard in a musical), and the stage version had a couple of extra songs and scenes which sort of leant some added weight to the whole moral dilemma that the Von Trapp family faced as they chose to flee Austria rather than succumb to Nazi rule.  The Maria-Captain romance and the kids were, of course, still central to the story, but the conversations between Captain Von Trapp, The Baroness, and Max were a little more fleshed out and adult in the play than in the movie, spelling out the risks of opposing the Germans versus the benefits of pledging loyalty to them.
So we both really enjoyed the show!  It's always nice to enjoy something more than you expect.

(belated birthday fun)

We saw the play in the afternoon, and that evening we met up with our friends Shelly and Kit at Reale's Italian Café up in North Austin.  We had a fun dinner with them.  These days we don't get to go out in the evenings very often because Raylan's bedtime is so early (we have more breakfast and lunch outings these days), so it was definitely a treat to have dinner with some good friends.
Afterwards we all met up with Tommy and Kelly for some bar trivia at Opal Divine's.  We had a really good time.  We were in 2nd place for most of the evening, but in the final round we stumbled on some random questions and slipped into 4th (and out of the bar tab money).  Oh well.  Fourth out of 28 ain't bad.  We'll get 'em next time!
On Sunday we got to sleep in, go to breakfast, and then do a little shopping before... Raylan returned!

(Yanking Grandma's earrings off is hilarious!)

We went for a walk on Sunday.  Amy and I both exercised.  I went to band practice.  Reed, Frank, and Jim were there.  We played pretty well.  Good to make music and have a chance to catch up with the guys.
("Father, I do believe that for all of my life I shall have
grown men push me around in a carriage while I wear
fashionable sunglasses and drink delightful beverages...")
And that was about it! Very nice weekend.  It went by too quickly.
Hope everyone is doing well. 


The League said...

The best description I ever heard of The Sound of Music "So mixed-up kids, Nazis, and a nun gone bad."

J.S. said...

Maybe it's time for a reboot? Michael Bays?