Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Well, it's taken me a while to get around to writing an update post, but this week has just been really busy. It's still busy.  I'm gonna keep this post short.

On Friday night Ryan and Jamie came over for dinner.  We got burritos from Freebirds, and they got to visit with Raylan a bit.  It was good to catch up with them.  Things get so busy.

On Saturday Mom and Dad came by and picked up Raylan.  He spent the night with them on Saturday so we could go out.  Saturday night we went to Austin Karaoke to celebrate a bunch of birthdays from the ladies in Amy's office (I think Shelly, Kellie, and Emily all recently had birthdays).  We had a really good time!  The whole thing was a celebration of ridiculousness and cheesy music.  I think the good thing about karaoke is that it pretty much requires everyone involved not to take themselves very seriously.  And I haven't laughed that hard in a while.  Attendees included Emily, Joe, Kit, Shelly, Kellie, Tommy, Craig, Mary, and Steven.  Standout songs included Tommy's soulful rendition of Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2U", and a couple of high octane rap songs performed by Kit and Joe, including "Jump Around" by House of Pain and another song which will not be named or described on Steanso's family-friendly blog (hint- it's from SNL and it deals with a young man's struggle to contain his excitement).
(Straight outta... some very white, middle class suburb)

(the judges from The Voice had nothing on these ladies)
(I thought I might have dreamt this in a nightmare until I went through
my pictures the following morning)
(It's only fun if you take it seriously, right?)
(Kit and Steanso psyching themselves up to perform)

So that was pretty much Saturday.  On Sunday Raylan returned home (yea!), and we took care of some chores.  (grocery store, etc.)  One chore that did not get done?  Hanging up the mini blinds that I had ordered.  I had put the measurements in the computer backward, so we got short, fat mini blinds for Raylan's room instead of tall, thin ones.  Kind of a bummer, but the people at seem cool, and they're making me a new set for free.  Let's hope the next batch goes better.
Amy made some tasty pasta for dinner, and that was pretty much the night.

(someone put a hat on my head to celebrate a
holiday that I do not yet understand)

And that was the weekend.  It was really good to see Ryan and Jamie Friday and to have a chance to relax with friends on Saturday night at the karaoke place.
Hope everyone else is doing well.  How are the holidays coming up on us so fast?

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