Monday, November 02, 2015

Halloween Weekend

Hi, guys! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!
Our weekend was a little strange.  For one thing, we ended up having a 3 day weekend that we weren't planning on.  On Friday we got up in the morning to some pretty torrential rain at our house.  I was supposed to go to work and take Raylan to daycare, but it was raining so hard that I decided to go in a little late and wait out the worst of the weather.  Well, the rain only got worse.  We watched on the news as South Lamar closed down due to flooding in a couple of locations, and then we got an email telling us that they were evacuating the children out of Raylan's daycare building into the adjoining church (there were tornado warnings by that point).  I'm not sure exactly how much rain we received, in the end, but there were tornado warnings at the airport, and 14 inches of rain were reported there.  Sunset Valley, only blocks from our house, had homes evacuated due to flooding.  Our backyard got a lot of water as well, but (knock on wood) the flood control remediation work that we've had done kept the water out of our house this time.
So, we ended up at home on Friday.  The rain let up by the afternoon, but apparently by then our office was sending people home because the rising floodwaters and swamped low water crossings were making driving dangerous (we also had some water damage in our building that required a number of offices to shut down all of their computers and electronics).
I was actually a little bummed to miss work on Friday.  It was the day before Halloween, and the people in my office decorate the place and bring candy so that co-workers can bring their kiddos to the office for trick-or-treating.  It's a lot of fun, and I had been planning to pick up Raylan from daycare, put him in his costume, and swing by the office so he could meet some of my friends and colleagues (he's never been up there before).
Oh well.  Next year!

(our little backyard levee holding back the floodwaters)

On Saturday we got up to see the last of the rain clearing out.  We took care of Raylan, and I went to the store to do some grocery shopping.  I also squeezed in a quick trip to the gym near our house, and ran over to Guitar Center to check out an amp that I was looking at (easier to carry than my Vox- for more lightweight rocking).

("So we're gonna win for sure against
Iowa State, aren't we Dad?")
On Saturday evening we headed over to Ryan and Jamie's house for some Halloween festivities coupled with some viewing of the UT-Iowa state game.
As per tradition, we handed out candy to a bunch of the neighborhood kids, and we saw some good costumes.  Our own family dressed up as well.

(Monkey Raylan fails to see
the A PEEL of my costume)
So Raylan got a legit first year Halloween experience.
My parents came over as well as Jamie's Dad and Matt, Nicole, and Juan.  My parents brought barbecue from Rudy's, and then we all ate some good food while watching a horrible UT performance.  I don't know how we got shut out offensively while allowing a fairly mediocre Iowa state teams score 24 points.  It was godawful, and almost made worse by the fact that UT had recently shown so much promise against OU and Kansas State.  We just didn't look like we were serious about playing football.  I guess Coach Strong's job is in jeopardy again.  Dear lord.
That was not great.
Thanks to Ryan and Jamie for having us over, though!

On Sunday we go up and went to Central Markey for breakfast.  We took some walks, Amy went jogging (great weather on Sunday), and I bought a used amp from some dude off of Craigslist.  I also put away some Halloween stuff, and made a trip to drop some stuff off at Goodwill. 
Sunday night I got together and played with Reed.  It was good.  After practice we had dinner.  Went to bed sort of early, knowing that Raylan would not be adjusted to the time change (an accurate prediction).

And that was the weekend.  We had lots of laundry and chores squeezed in there.  Somehow babies, despite being small, sort of exponentially increase the amount of laundry.  Thanks to Amy for putting up with my shenanigans while I was trying to buy this new guitar amp.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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