Monday, February 23, 2015


Our weekend was good!  Friday night we went out to dinner.  Afterward we went home, and we listened to Serial.  Lots of different friends have been telling me about Serial, and then Amy developed a curiosity about it, so now we're listening to the podcasts.  For those who haven't listened, Serial is a podcast from the developers of NPR's This American Life.  It's a nonfiction audio series telling a story over multiple episodes- in this case a real life murder mystery revolving around the killing of a young high school student, Hae Min Lee, and the subsequent conviction of her ex boyfriend, Adnan Masud Syed, for the crime.  The podcast primarily reflects the investigative work of journalist Sarah Koenig as she interviews people who knew the defendant and/or the victim, sifts through various pieces of evidence, and occasionally expresses her own personal thoughts, feelings, and biases about the various players and theories surrounding the murder.
The podcast is interesting.  The content certainly isn't revolutionary.  Television and print media have been full of true crime stories for many decades.  What makes Serial sort of interesting and unique is the combination of narrative viewpoint (Koenig very much tells the story from her own point of view, explaining how she got interested in the story, how she met each of the people, and how her opinions change regarding Syed's guilt or innocence as her investigation progresses) coupled with the intimacy and immediacy that comes from the recorded one-on-one interviews that Koenig conducts with her subjects.  There's something about the radio interviews that seems to capture the personality of Koenig's subjects in a way that courtroom testimony and/or on-camera interviews do not.  People seem to let their guard down a little.  The interviews sound like a regular conversation between two people as opposed to the more rigid, guarded responses that people appear to have when they know that they are being watched or filmed.
And the quality of the journalism is strong.  Koenig not only does a good job of tracking people down, searching for evidence, and talking to relevant witnesses, but also openly discusses her biases and emotional reactions to her subjects.  As an audience member, I feel far less manipulated by a journalist who tells you that they have an opinion (thereby allowing you to agree or disagree) as opposed to a reporter who more subtly presents evidence in a way that is designed to bring an audience around to seeing their point of view.
Annnnyway, we're liking Serial.  We have many more episodes to listen to, but we're liking it.

Steanso puts baby in the corner

On Saturday Amy went to a hair appointment, and I went out to lunch with Ryan.  We went to a sandwich shop down near Ryan's house called Independence Fine Foods.  Pretty good little deli style place.    It was good to find some time to sit down and hang out.
Saturday afternoon/early evening we drove over to pick up a crib from a friend of a friend named Clark.  Clark's kids had grown out of their crib, so we swooped in to take it off their hands.  It was very cool of them to give it to us.  It was also sort of the final piece in our nursery (aside from maybe some knickknacks and pictures and stuff), so it feels good to have it in place and know that the baby has a room to call his own.  So that was Saturday night.  We ate dinner, and put together a crib.  I think I played a little Grand Theft Auto while Amy worked on some sort of crafts.

Sunday we ran errands in the morning.  In the afternoon we went over to Mary and Chad's house to visit with them and see three week old baby Truett.  They all seemed to be doing well, if slightly sleepy (which made me a little sleepy).  We hung out with them and visited for a while.  It was good to catch up.
After that I worked out and went to band practice.  Frank, Reed, Jim, and I got together to play.  We hadn't played in months, so it felt good (if slightly rusty).  Thanks to Reed for hosting.
Amy went to an Oscars get together over at Shelly and Kit's house.  I got done with band practice, made a sandwich, watched Walking Dead, and was already falling asleep when my party animal wife came rolling in.  It sounds like she had a really good time.

And that was the weekend!  It was nice.  Way too short.
Hope everyone is doing well!

**  Addendum- the very cool quilt on the wall in the picture above was done by Amy and Jean!  Amy did the needlepoint in the panels, and Jean made the quilt!


The League said...

Where is the lid for the crib?

J.S. said...

We want to incorporate a family heirloom into the nursery, so we're planning on using the crib lid that Mom and Dad installed on your crib when you were a child. The wrought iron will provide an interesting contrast to the quilts that Jean and Amy have made!

The League said...

woof. As long as there's a plan. And the iron is good because it's heavy, and even when the kid gets teeth, it's less likely he'll be able to chew through the lid.

When you guys decide on what kind of salt-lick you want, let me know.

J.S. said...

You didn't see the salt-lick on the registry? It's a set and comes with the running wheel and suspended water bottle. Ahhh... Takes me back to our childhood!