Monday, February 02, 2015


Howdy! Happy February!  I guess that supposedly the groundhog (Punxsutawney Phil) saw his shadow, so we're supposed to have 6 more weeks of winter.  Austin has had an awfully spring-like winter so far, though, so I think I can probably handle it.
On Wednesday night we went out and had a nice dinner with parents at The County Line.  It was good to catch up with them.  I hadn't been to the County Line in years.  It was pretty good, and it's a nice midway point in between my folks' place and our house.
Our weekend was pretty good.  Amy's mom, Jean, came into town on Thursday night and stayed with us over the weekend.  We went out for Mexican food with her on the night that she got into town.  On Friday Amy took the day off.  She and Jean launched into numerous pre-baby craft and home repair projects. 

Primer on dresser
One of these projects involved repainting and redecorating an old Ikea dresser.  Amy and I had started out the project a couple weeks earlier, trying to spray paint it, but that went... poorly.  In the end, Amy and Jean used rollers and did a great job of putting primer on it, painting it, and adding overlays to class it up.  The blue paint color that Amy picked was called "Approaching Storm".  Given the fact that the color was picked for our child's nursery, I found the choice somewhat prophetic.

Finished dresser in nursery

Anyway, the final product is really cool.  Looks nice, and it's something unique that Amy made for the nursery.
Speaking of unique, homemade things for the nursery....
Amy and Jean have been ridiculously productive with sewing and quilting and whatnot as this baby's due date approaches.  Jean has made some really cool baby quilts, and I think Amy made some sheets this weekend in addition to a few small baby bags that are meant to hold little kits (which hold a diaper, a change of clothes, some wipes, etc.).  Everything that they've made looks really good.  Not like "good try" good, but like, "people would pay money for that" good.  The creativity and the amount of work that they've done has been astounding.  More than once I had to remind them to stop and eat.
Friday night was one of those times.  I came home from work to find them sewing and painting, and generally working away frantically, so I went out and picked up some food at Central Market so that I'd have a way to lure them into eating dinner instead of working all night.  We had a nice dinner, and had a chance to sit back and relax.
On Saturday we went out for breakfast, and then Amy and I drove over and picked up a Learning Tower that Amy found on Craigslist.  It's basically a sort of adjustable stool with a railing around it that boosts kids up to counter height so they can see what's going on at the kitchen or at the table.  The railing keeps them from falling.  It's pretty cool.  The kiddo won't be able to use it until he's like 18 months, but hopefully it will be fun. 
Saturday afternoon we went to the grocery store, and Saturday night Amy made some really good chicken soup for dinner.
On Sunday we ate breakfast, and Amy and Jean worked on more sewing stuff.  Eventually they went to a baby shower that the women from Amy's office graciously threw for Amy and another one of her friends and pregnant co-workers, Heather.  By all reports, it was a really nice time, and we got some really nice gifts.  While they were at the baby shower, I went for a ride on my bike. 
This is what February 1st looked like this year
It had been a while.  The weather was perfect for bike riding, though, and it felt really good to be out and about.  I rode downtown, sort of winding my way through some of the South Austin neighborhoods as I went.  It was a nice ride.

I got home, took a shower, walked the dog, and drove over to Ryan and Jamie's house for the Super Bowl. 
It was nice to hang out, they had some good food, and the game itself was actually pretty good.  I didn't really have a favorite, but I found it hard to root for the Patriots in any event (Tom Brady is way too cool for me to ever support), so I became a de facto Seahawks fan for one night.
Mostly it was just fun to hang out, though.  Good to see Juan, Matt, Nicole, and Dick, as well as, of course, Funcle Ry and Auntie Jim Jam.
The Super Bowl halftime show was predictably ridiculous.  Ryan immediately jumped all over the pop culture value of Katy Perry's dancing sharks, while somehow they didn't immediately phase me.  Today's internet reaction to the routine has proven Ryan to be the more savvy observer.

Anyway, that was the weekend!  After the game I went home to find Amy and Jean still sewing away.  We ate some ice cream and went to bed. 
Jean flew back to Phoenix today.

I hope everyone is doing well!

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