Monday, February 09, 2015

Baby Shower; Update

Howdy!  Hope y'all are doing okay!  The weather here in Austin has been spring-like and incredibly nice.  Hard to believe we're still in the first half of February.
We had a good weekend.
Friday night we ate pizza and just sort of hung out.  We watched The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  It was a fun movie.  Not groundbreakingly original, but thoroughly entertaining.  It made us laugh really hard (which felt good after a long, busy week).  Definitely in the tradition of some of the silliest, goofiest comedy buddy movies that I've seen.  (Reminded me of David Spade and Chris Farley or even Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours).

On Saturday my family threw a big baby shower for Amy and I out at their house.  It was really nice!  There was great food and drink and lots of friends.  Everyone seemed to get along really well and enjoy one another's company.  It's always fun to see different friends from different parts of your life coming together.  It's even more fun when everyone seems to have a good time together!
As busy as things get, it's really nice to have these sorts of events where we get a chance to see old friends and catch up.  It was really good of so many people to take time out of their schedules to come out to Steiner Ranch to celebrate with us.
We got a bunch of really nice baby presents.  We are extremely grateful, not just for the presents and the shower itself, but for all of the support that we've gotten from our family and friends.  It's very humbling.  Thanks for the shower, Mom and Dad!  Thanks for helping out, Ryan and Jamie!

On Sunday I got up and went out to breakfast with my college friend, Richard, and his wife, Joy.  Amy was feeling just a little tired and/or slightly amiss on Sunday morning (her sleep patterns have been thrown off a bit by pregnancy), so she didn't make it.   Joy and Richard were in town from Houston and missed the shower on Saturday because they had a wedding to attend, but it was great to catch up with them over breakfast!  It sounds like life is going well for them down near Houston.  They already have three kids, so in addition to catching up on some news about the Trinity gang, I got to hear some cautionary parenting tales while eating my eggs.  It was really good to see them!

The rest of Sunday involved shopping, chores, and so forth.  Ryan popped in for a while to drop off presents that we couldn't fit in our car, so we got to catch up with him a bit.

And that was about it!

It was a good weekend.  Great shower!  Thanks to everyone!

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