Tuesday, December 30, 2014


So it's been a little while since my last post, but we've been busy!

Last Saturday, December 20th, Amy flew out for Phoenix to spend some time with her family.  Her pregnancy is going to keep her grounded pretty soon, and we'll have a baby to shortly after that, so she took a little time off to extend her trip home.  It might be a little while before she makes it back to Arizona (not forever, but a little longer than usual), so she flew out there before me to have some extra time. 
I stayed in Austin and flew out the next Tuesday.  I got a chance to have nice dinners with Ryan and Jamie as well as my parents.  I also got together for a little bit with some old friends, Libby and Jordan, who are in town over the holidays, taking a break from living abroad in Spain.
I flew out to Phoenix on Tuesday. It was a good trip!  We visited with Amy's family and did lots of Christmas-type stuff.  Amy and Jean are working on some cool quilting/sewing projects for the baby.  Their work is awfully nice.  This kid better appreciate it!
Greg and I played guitar.
We all played with Nathan and Scott quite a bit.  Got in a couple of fun trips to the park with them.  We got to spend some time on a couple of days with Amy's grandparents, Carol and Jerry.
We went to church Christmas Eve and, after breakfast, opened presents Christmas morning.
During the visit we had really good chicken curry, tasty grilled chicken sandwiches (with bacon, cheese, and green chiles), and delicious egg casserole with hash browns and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Jean and Amy did really well by us with the food.  Greg made cranberry martinis that were troublingly good.  
We also went out to eat, celebrating Carol's birthday at a good Mexican restaurant.
And we got to enjoy the Phoenix Zoo on a really nice day with Amy's parents and the nephews.
The weather in a Phoenix was really nice-  cool, but not cold, and sunny.

(At the park with Nathan on Matt and Scott on Jason)

(Jean and Amy outside CCV- the church where we attended
Christmas Eve services)

Scott with Carol and Amy on Christmas morning

Greg and Jean help Nathan figure out his toys while Scott looks on
and Heidi examines her loot

Christmas at the Davis house!

Scott tries to convince Amy that it's time to
move on to the next animal

Unsure of the next move at the zoo

Nathan on a leash

Watching the elephants with Amy and Scott

Late afternoon desert balloon launch.  Because these things
happen in Phoenix.

So it was a great trip!  The Davis, Sinex, and Koffel families were very warm, welcoming, and fun to hang out with.  I'm lucky to have married into such a fun, gracious family.
Hope all of you had a nice Christmas as well!

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