Monday, January 05, 2015

A New Year!

Happy 2015, everybody!  I hope it's a good one for everyone.  We've got some pretty big changes on the horizon in our family this year, so we're pretty excited!  (and maybe just a teensy bit nervous)

Our New Year's celebration was a good one, if low key.
New Year's Eve was cold and a little damp in Austin.  Afraid of drunk drivers and bad weather, we ended up staying home.  Buuut Ryan and Jamie came over to hang out with us!  We ordered pizza, Jamie made a salad, and we bought some dessert bars at Central Market.  Throw in a little wine, and it was a nice evening!  We played a board game (Dixit) and watched the ball drop in New York.   Very nice, easy way to ring in 2015.
Thanks for coming over, Ryan and Jamie!

On New Year's Day we mostly hung out at the Hop a Long Lounge.  The weather outside was dreary, drizzly, and cold.  We went across the street to Mandy's house in the afternoon to see her and her family.  We ate some black eyed peas and cabbage (I can't afford to pass up good luck!), and we watched Mandy's nieces and nephew set off fireworks with their Aunt Candace.  I'm here to report that kids today are not daunted nearly enough by sparks, smoke, and explosions.  Sigmund stopped by with Miles, so we got to hang out with them and catch up for a while.  It was really fun to see everyone.

On Saturday Dad came over and we put together a rocker/glider chair and a dresser for the new nursery.  We also made a Goodwill run with some old stuff.
While Dad and I worked on that stuff, Amy made a really good lasagna.  We took the lasagna over to Mom and Dad's house for dinner that night.  Mom provided salad, bread, and dessert.  We had a good time hanging out with Mum and Da!  I couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock and it was already 10:30.

And that was pretty much how we brought in the new year.  There were other errands and shoppings and chores and whatnot, but, for once, I'm gonna keep that stuff to minimum.
Because it's 2015.
And there's always room for improvement.

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