Monday, December 01, 2014

Thanksgiving Week in Pictures

On Wednesday we went in for an ultrasound.  We're going to have a boy!
Very cool!  I mean, it would have been cool either way, but it's just kind
of exciting to start to have more of an idea of who our kiddo is going to be.
After the doctor's appointment we spent Thursday afternoon and evening getting the house ready for Thanksgiving.  Amy did some cooking.

Ryan and Jamie showed up on Thanksgiving bearing gifts.

One of two tables to accommodate our guests

Mom got so excited about Thanksgiving that she was... dancing?  Twirling?
Some sort of performance art?

Amy doing one of the things that she does especially well- preparing
delicious food for hungry folks!


The pies!

Post-meal backyard decompression.
We had Jamie, Ryan, Mom, Dad, Dick, Susan, Ciara, and Uncle Donald for dinner.  We had good company and good food.  We provided the turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and a really good apple pie.  Thanksgiving was a potluck affair, with Jamie bringing rolls, chocolate pie, and stuffing, and Mom bringing a vegetable (I think it was broccoli), a pumpkin pie, and something else...
Dick brought something, too (I'm having a hard time recalling all the food, but it was all good), as well as some wine.  Susan and Ciara brought a salad and some vegetables.  Uncle Donald brought a sugar free apple pie.  Dad brought wine!
After dinner was all over, I watched the UT-TCU game with Mom, Dad, and Amy.  It was awful.  We're not gonna talk about that.

On Black Friday I put up some Christmas lights

Friday night Jamie, Ryan, Mom, Dad, Amy, Susan, and I went to
the Saxon Pub to see Joe Ely with Jeff Plankenhorn.  Really good music!
Thanks for the tickets, Ryan and Jamie!

On Saturday Amy had to go in to work for a while, I took a bike ride.  During my ride I
came across a South Austin rockabilly cluster.  They were all dressed up to celebrate Christmas
with their kids in the traditional rockabilly way- with their hot rods.

On Sunday we put up our Christmas tree.  I also had Wastewood practice with Reed over
at his house, but I'm pretty sure Reed isn't pictured here.
That was about it, really.  We also did some shopping and chores and looked for a baby rockin' chair for our nursery.
Lots to be thankful for this year!  And thanks to all of our family for making our first Thanksgiving at our house so special!


Anonymous said...

We are all excited about "Little Bubba"! Being a dad will be one of the very best parts of your life.

We too really enjoyed Thanksgiving. Make sure Amy knows that it was a great success in all respects.

Not only did Joe Ely sound good, he also had the privilege of shaking my hand!


J.S. said...

Thanks! We're both really enjoyed spending time over Thanksgiving with you guys, and, of course, we're excited about The Boy!