Monday, May 05, 2014


It was a good week, but once again, it went by pretty fast.

This past Tuesday I went to see Thievery Corporation at Stubb's with Frank.  Sort of unexpectedly, we ended up meeting up with Jennifer, David, Kim, and Sigmund.  The show was good.  Thivery Corporation have a sort of funky, world beat, electronic sound.  They are, in some ways, more of a musical collective than a simple band.  There are a set of musicians (playing drums, bass, percussion, guitar, DJ, and occasionally a sitar) who remain on stage and play each song, but there are a number of singers and rappers who sort of cycle through the performance, entering and exiting the stage for particular numbers.  The band has strong bass lines and interesting, catchy, danceable rhythms.  The different vocalists lend different flavors to the songs through varying styles of singing and rapping.  The end result is a product that's bound together through certain similarities in rhythm and musicianship of the band, but which ranges in vocal style from soulful and meditative to more aggressive and driving.  Most of the music makes people want to move their feet, though, so the whole thing, overall, carries a sort of party vibe.  It was a really good show.

Friday night we met Jamie and Ryan at Sap's for Thai food and some hang out time.  It was good to see them.  We've been meaning to get together for a while, but everyone has been busy.  Nice to catch up.  Ryan had his big library conference last week, so it was good to hear about that.  After dinner we sort of relaxed at the house and watched Game of Thrones.  Gonna miss that kid who played Geoffrey.  He was great at playing a dude that we all loved to hate.

Saturday I did a few chores and went for a bike ride.  The weather was really nice.  Even though it's warming up a bit, the air was really dry and breezy, and it felt nice to be out riding.

Saturday evening we went to see Patricia Vonne at Strange Brew.  She was really fun.  I like her voice, and she has a charming stage presence.  The combination of Spanish folk songs (often accompanied by castanets), English folk and rock songs, and ballads made for an interesting, engaging set. She played with Robert La Roche on guitar/backing vocals and David Perales on violin (I've heard Perales play with her before, and he's a really impressive violin player- great musician who adds a whole other layer of cool to the songs).

Sunday we went out for breakfast.  Did some grocery shopping, and then I went for another bike ride.  The weather was still pretty nice, but I was worn out and had a slower ride.  It was still good to get out, though.  I need to stay in shape so riding the bike doesn't get harder!
Sunday evening I had band practice.  We sounded pretty good.  Eric came up with a new harmony part for "Overhead", an old song of ours that I wrote a long time ago, and it makes the whole song sound better. 
After band practice Amy and I ate delicious chilaquiles (thanks, Amy!), and did some reading until we got tired and went to bed.
Very nice weekend.

Have a good week!

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