Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Labor Day

Hey!  How's everyone doing?  (No, don't just shout a response at your screen.  Use the comments section.)

Our weekend was pretty good.  Mostly it was relaxing.
On Friday night we hung out around the house.  We ate slow cooker barbecue chicken tacos.  I don't know what else we did.  If we did anything of note on Friday night, maybe Amy will post it in the comments section.  We both exercised, and I remember watching part of a movie with Amy called Sleepwalk With Me.  I didn't see the whole movie (walked in on it having missed at least the first third), so I'm not going to say too much about it, except that I'm not sure it was my cup of tea.

On Saturday morning we went for a bike ride.  Amy rode with me, and we went for on a South Austin loop that ran just a little over 12 miles.  It made me tired, but it was fun.  By the time we got home it was already getting pretty hot out.
Saturday afternoon we ran a couple of errands.  Saturday evening we went out to my parents' house to watch the UT-New Mexico game.  During the first half the Horns looked pretty sad.  Both the offense and defense were ineffective.  In the second half the team came alive.  In the second half UT scored a lot.  It was kind of funny to watch the faces of the UT fans go from anxious and worried in the first half to relaxed and happy in the second.
I was glad to see UT put up such a strong second half performance, but at the same time, the whole thing seemed a little too reminiscent of prior seasons- seasons in which the Texas program shone in some moments, floundered in others, and ultimately proved too fragile and unstable to be very successful.  You can't beat good teams by playing only half a game.
At any rate, I had a nice time hanging out with  Amy and the family and Juan, Jeanie, and Rick (Juan has been here for awhile, but Jeanie and Rick just moved here from Alaska).  Cassidy came along to root for the Horns as well.
Thanks to Mom and Dad for hosting and having good gameday food.  Thanks to Amy for representing our household in a number of conversations while I zoned out and watched the game!

On Sunday we went out to Kerbey Lane and had breakfast.  Then we went to church.  Church was pretty good, but sort of warm.  I think the air conditioning was on the fritz.  We heard a sermon from the new pastor, Kim Rogers.  She worked as a counsellor with at risk youth before going to seminary.  She seems like a good fit for the congregation at Central.
Sunday afternoon we went shopping and took care of some stuff.  Sunday night I had band practice, and Amy made a delicious tortilla soup. 
I drank a couple of beers and entertained Cassidy in the backyard with my guitar and mandolin while Amy did some needlepoint.
We watched a 2009 documentary by Chris Rock called Good Hair. It was about modern hair styles worn by black people (especially, but not exclusively, black women). It ended up being much more interesting and entertaining than I expected. The documentary points out that the black hair style industry is a hugely profitable business, with much of the money and effort being exerted in an effort to make curly, black hair look straighter and differently colored. The resulting hairstyles resemble hair that might be worn by Latinos, whites, or Asians, but they simply wouldn't occur in any sort of natural form on a black person. We've gotten so used to seeing straight hairstyles on black people, though, that these fundamentally unnatural hairstyles seem normal.
The documentary has a sense of humor, and although it definitely has points to make, I didn't find it particularly heavy handed. It was interesting. It just took one little facet of life- hairstyle- and used it to shine a light on questions of cultural identity, economic exploitation, and self image. Plus, the movie has some really funny moments and it discusses a lot of stuff that most white folks just don't know (it turns out that hair weaves are pretty darn expensive, and relaxer will actually burn your scalp if you leave it in too long!).
I know I'm late to the game, but I recommend Good Hair if you've never seen it.

On Monday we went hunting for a new mattress.  My mom came with us (long story involving a failed attempt to visit Costco, which ended up being closed on Labor Day).  We got a new mattress.  It took a while.  We hit another store or two and had lunch with Mom.  Nice day.
Oh, and also, sometime early on Monday morning, Amy made some blueberry muffins which were muy bueno.  We still have some.  Mmmmm....
(the Hot Nut Riveters, laboring away on Labor Day)
Monday evening I rode my bike to Strange Brew and saw the Hot Nut Riveters.  Amy stayed home because she wanted to get some stuff done.  The Hot Nut Riveters play old fashioned jazz, blues, swing, and folk style music, much of it dating as far back as the early 1900s or further.  They play without individual microphones or amplified instruments (although they had a few room mics up on the front of the stage that sort of amplified the way that they sounded in the room).  They play Dobro guitars and mandolins and banjos and an upright bass.  They have occasional piccolo trumpets and harmonicas and kazoos.  They sing loudly and forcefully, filling up the room with shouts and growls.  It's rowdy, fun music.  I enjoyed watching them play.
After the show I got on my bike and pedaled home.  It was warm out and dark and lightning bursts were going off like paparazzi flashbulbs just to the west of town.  I was hoping for rain, but it didn't come.
I got home and had some nice hang out time with Amy and Cassidy.  Labor Day came to a peaceful close.

Hope everyone had a good one.  Now that your Labor Day is over.... get back to work!!

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