Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Update (with Pictures!)

Hey!  Hope everyone has been doing okay!
Things are going well over here.

On Friday night Amy and I joined Ryan and Jamie for dinner at Hyde Park, which was nice.  Afterward Amy, Ryan, and I went to Strange Brew to see Shinyribs.  Jamie was tired, so she went home.

The Shinyribs show was really good.  Kevin Russell is a really good songwriter as well as an energetic, enthusiastic entertainer.  His music has got a lot of soul.  It's warm and funny and poignant and eminently listenable.  Russell takes a number of musical styles, from gospel to rock to hip hop to disco, and channels them through a musical prism that bends the tunes toward a sort of southern country folk flavor.  Good stuff.  I had fun at the show.  I think Ryan and Amy both really enjoyed it as well.

Saturday morning we got up and went on the annual NAMI Walk (National Alliance on Mental Illness).  My folks came out and walked with us this year.  The weather was a little warm and muggy on Saturday morning, but the walk was for a good cause, and it was a nice chance to hang out with my parents and Amy and some folks from work.  After the walk we went out for breakfast.

Saturday afternoon I went for a bike ride.  I started out planning on just a short ride since I had walked 5K that morning, but my legs didn't really start loosening up and feeling good until I was about 5 miles into it, so I just finished out a usual ride (which is usually a little over 12 miles). 
Saturday evening Amy made some really good chicken marsala.  It was very tasty.  I'm not a great food photographer, but I took a picture of our meal because it made me happy.

On Saturday night we went to a birthday party for Amy's friend, Nicole.  We had beer and cake and a little bit of ice cream.  We sang happy birthday and stood and gaped while Nicole displayed her dance moves.  It was really nice of her to invite us to her party!

It rained really hard on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  I haven't heard thunder like that in a while.  BOOM!!  You know who doesn't care about thunder?  Cassidy.  She could care less.  Amy were both wide awake  (I was up peeking out of the windows) while Cassidy snored and slept peacefully.  My dog does not need a thundershirt.  She has only three legs, but she is not afraid.

Sunday morning we got up and sort of took it easy.  We went to the grocery store and did some shopping.  It kept raining off and on.  When I thought the rain was done, I went for a bike ride.  The temperatures were a little cooler, and I had a nice time (even though I got sprinkled on just a little bit).  I took a picture of one of the many cars that were parked in South Austin bike lanes during my ride.  Since South Austinites are frequently loathe to put their cars in their actual garages (people in South Austin tend to see garages as storage facilities, rehearsal spaces, and workshops), there are usually quite a few cars on the street. 
Whatever.  It's not a big deal, but the prosecutor in me can't help but be amused by all of these people parking right in front of "No Parking" signs for bike lanes.

Early Sunday evening, after I had put out some Halloween decorations and played with the dog a bit, I got together and made some music with Reed.  In addition to Mono Ensemble, Reed and I have a little side project going that we work on when the guys from Mono Ensemble can't get together.  We've dubbed our sub-band Wastewood.  It's taken from a nickname given to our high school, Westwood, in the late eighties through the early 90's (before a bunch of undercover narcotics busts cleaned the place up).  Westwood had the distinction of being a great school in the academic sense (it's been well respected for its academics for decades) while still housing more than its fair share of troublemakers.

Anyway, we got together and worked on some Wastewood songs while Amy went to the gym and did some cooking.  By the time we got done practicing Amy had cooked up some chicken and dumplings and the whole house smelled like really good food.  And sure enough, dinner was great.  I hope she makes it again.  I should have taken a picture, but I was tired.

After dinner and dishes we watched RushmoreRushmore is one of those movies that gets better every time you watch it.  One of my favorite performances by Bill Murray.  One of my favorite Wes Anderson films.

So that was our weekend.
It was really nice.

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J.S. said...

Forgot to mention that Amy also made some really amazing banana bread with chocolate on top this weekend. It was awesome! I live with a great cook!!