Monday, August 26, 2013


(the Unicorn Cat uses its magic
 powers to lure Amy to Phoenix!)
Hullo!  Hope everyone's doing okay.  Amy was gone this weekend, so that's always a little weird.  Hopefully she's having a good visit with her family out in Arizona.  She was excited to see them and to play with her cousins. 
Friday night I dropped Amy off at the airport and didn't do a whole lot.  I'd had a long week and was sort of worn out.
I watched Killing Them SoftlyThe movie was decent, but not great.  It had some snappy dialogue and some good performances, but it didn't really do anything with the mob movie genre that we haven't seen before.  The movie takes place in 2008, just as the banking crisis is hitting and Wall Street is taking a tumble into decline.  The movie tries to draw parallels between the actions of mobsters in the criminal underworld and the unfolding of national news as political leaders tried to deal with the 2008 economic crisis, but the themes and metaphors of the movie are handled clumsily and without grace.  Ubiquitous televisions and radios in the movie blast voice clips from Obama, Bush, and other elected officials, all talking about steps that they're taking to boost consumer confidence and bolster the economy.  The gangsters in the film are also taking action to try to protect consumer confidence (albeit much more violent action).  It could have been an interesting twist on a pretty traditional mob flick, but the political-economic references were too frequent and too prominent, and by the end of the film you have Brad Pitt openly critiquing Obama's approach to the economy while watching him on TV.  The whole thing sort of falls apart and goes from interesting to sort of weirdly preachy.  A little more trust in the audience, allowing them to tease out themes instead of hitting people over the head with them, would have made this a better movie.

On Saturday I went for a bike ride.  I went out to lunch with Ryan and Jamie.  It was good to see them.  I ran a couple of errands and did a few chores.
Saturday night I joined my parents and some of their friends for a barbershop choir performance.  It was at least partially a celebration of my dad's birthday (which was last week-  happy birthday, Dad!).  I was kinda skeptical going into the show, but it ended up being a lot of fun.  I'm just a big fan of music in almost all of its incarnations, and it was sort of crazy to see the way that these guys can break down almost any song into a four part harmony and sing it acapella.  They sang everything from oldies hits (50's and 60's) to opera to gospel.  The performance is also helped by the fact that they have a sense of humor about what they're doing and seem to be really enjoying themselves.  
(this is what a wildly raging party looks like in your late 30s!)
So I got an unexpected amount of enjoyment out of the barbershop choir thing.  Who knew?
Afterward, I stopped by a birthday celebration for Kim over at Rio Rita on East 6th Street.  Kim and Sig had a babysitter, so they invited a few friends out for drinks.  It was fun!  Good to have a chance to hang out with Kim, Sig, and their merry band.  Happy birthday, Kim!

On Sunday I went for another bike ride.  I ran errands.  Did some laundry.  Went grocery shopping.  In the evening I had Mono Ensemble practice.  We're learning some Rolling Stones songs.  It's been fun.

After practice I got some dinner.  Stopped by Mandy's house for a few minutes to say hi to Camille (she's in town visiting from Boston).  Then I watched the news.
Then I went to bed.

The end.

Hope this is a good week for everyone!

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