Monday, September 23, 2013


Well, I've been a little behind on the blogging.  I just recently finished up my post about our trip to D.C., so if you wanna see that, scroll down.

On Friday afternoon at lunch time I went to a very nice awards luncheon at Green Pastures.  It was hosted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and it was in honor of law enforcement personnel who had made outstanding contributions to the fight against drunk driving.  My friend and colleague, Bill, received an award for outstanding prosecutorial service.  It was a nice event, and a nice honor for him.

There was a lot of rain on Friday (which we desperately needed), but I'm proud to say that Amy and I ventured out of the house, nonetheless.  We wandered over to Strange Brew for a happy hour show with Suburban Beat.  They've been playing at Strange Brew for a while now, and I've been wanting to check them out.  They were really fun.  They have some videos posted on the internet, but they sound on those clips doesn't really do the band justice.  Courtney Gray, the lead singer, has a compelling voice, and Jon Chaney plays some really cool, melodic guitar solos, often incorporating some skillful slide parts.  We had a nice time.
After the show we went home and celebrated Stir Friday.  Amy made stir fry with chicken meatballs and peppers and some sort of sauce (teriyaki?).  Very good stuff.  After dinner we watched SmokeSmoke is a movie from 1995 starring Harvey Keitel and William Hurt.  I had seen it long ago and had vague, but positive memories of it.  It's kind of a strange movie, but I like it.  It's a little stilted at times, and sometimes the direction and the acting make you feel like you're almost watching a play as opposed to a movie, but for some reason I like it.  It's sort of understated, and there's some good dialogue in there.
On Saturday I got up and went for a bike ride.  The weather turned beautiful, and I enjoyed riding around South Austin.  Riding helps clear my head.  In the afternoon I cleaned up and we went to a housewarming party for our friends Adam and Katie.
They have a nice house over on North Loop, and they hosted a nice event.  I enjoyed hanging out with them and the fellow partygoers.  For the first time in my life I played Polish horseshoes.  The rules are nuanced and complex, and you can check them out here. 
Actually it's a silly drinking game involving frisbees.  Drew and I formed a powerful alliance and were victorious over Katie and her friend.

(when you're the host of the party, people have to find
your stories fascinating.  Here Adam describes the size
of an invisible friend.)
So we had a good time at Adam and Katie's party!  They have a really nice home.
We left the party so we could stop by Mandy's house afterward.  She had invited us over when we ran into her earlier in the day.  Amy got kind of pooped after the first party, though, and she didn't make it.  She crawled into bed.
I wandered across the street and hung out for a while with Mandy, Vicki, Rami, and Ellie.  It was good to see them, and the weather was perfect for a nice back yard sit'nchat.  They all asked about Amy, but then nodded in solemn understanding when I described the party we'd already been to and how comfortable our new bed is.  I hung out for a little while and got caught up, and then wandered back home.  Amy was asleep, and I crawled into bed.

Sunday morning we got up and went to Magnolia Cafe for breakfast.  It was fun.  We like going out for breakfast.  Well, I really like it, and I think Amy does, too, as long as we don't go somewhere that's a pain in the butt.  Breakfast was good.  Being out sorta early on a Sunday morning was good.
Afterward we went home and then did some grocery shopping. 
After that Amy went for a run while I slowly rode along with her while we talked.  Awesome weather.  Following that I rode my bike downtown and back.  Then I came home and did a chore or two and then we rode our bikes over to Sunset Valley to look for picture frames and other stuff.  I bought a new bamboo jack-o'-lantern windchime to welcome fall, since Sunday was the first day of autumn.  At some point in there we just hung out in the yard for a while.  Amy read a magazine and played with Cassidy while I practiced my guitar.

We ran another errand or two.  In the evening we ate delicious stuffed peppers which Amy had been cooking in the crock pot.  They were really good.

And that was pretty much it.  Lots of outside time this weekend while enjoying beautiful weather.  Nice mix of spending time with friends and just chilling out.

I hope you guys are doing well!!!

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