Monday, August 19, 2013


How is everyone?  Doing okay?

(Lake Bell fields some questions
from a pretty enthusiastic audience)
Things have been going pretty well on our end!  Last Wednesday we joined some of Amy's work friends for an Austin Film Society screening of In a World, a new comedy by Lake Bell.  The movie is about a woman who's breaking into the industry of voice acting- a male-dominated field, as it turns out.  Lake Bell, the director and the star of the film, was in attendance at the screening.  Those sort of screenings are always a little worrisome for me.  I'm always afraid that the audience won't really care for the film or, worse yet in the case of a comedy, won't laugh at any of it. 
But the movie turned out to be really good!  It was a fun, funny movie about family, career, and romance, and it would have been a fun experience even if we weren't at a special screening.  Ms. Bell answered a few questions when the movie was over.  She seems like an intelligent, insightful person- serious about what she's doing without taking herself overly seriously.    I hope this is the beginning of a successful career for her as a director. Amy enjoyed it, too.  We had a good time.
Friday night we just sort of hung out.  It had been a busy week, and we needed some chill out time.  We went to Sap's and had some Thai food for dinner.  It was a nice evening.
Saturday I got up and went for a bike ride.  Then we ran some errands for our upcoming wedding.  Mostly shopping stuff. 
On Saturday we were also doing some dog sitting for our friend and neighbor, Mandy.  Mandy has two older daschund's, Max and Lucy, and a younger beagle/basset hound mix named Darla.
We had a surprisingly good time just playing with the dogs and hanging out with them.  Cassidy even came over and hung out with the dogs a bit.  Cassidy doesn't hop around as well as she used to, so it was really fun for her to just sort of be around other dogs in a relaxed, mellow setting.  We really enjoyed the dogs.  Amy really loves being a dog nanny (she also loves kids, but that's a different story).

On Saturday evening I went out for a bachelor party for Ruben, a friend of mine from work.  We went out for dinner at Taverna and went out for drinks afterward.  I caught the night owl bus from downtown so I didn't have to drive after a few celebratory beers, and Amy didn't have to pick me up.
(you know what makes a party fancy?  fake
The party was fun!  I'm really happy for Ruben and wish he and Miguel the best of luck!  Thanks to Nancy and Afton for organizing.  Ruben's wedding wedding is the week before ours in October. Amy and I are both really looking forward to it!

On Sunday we got up and walked over to Central Market for breakfast.  I really like going out for breakfast.  I also really like the fact that our house is close enough to Central Market to walk.   We had unseasonably comfortable weather for significant parts of this weekend...
After breakfast we ran a few errands (we got a lot of wedding stuff done this weekend), including a trip to the store.  There was more dog wrangling and a few chores. 
In the evening we had band practice.  Everyone made it, and we sounded pretty good.  We're learning a few new songs.  Long live The Rolling Stones!  (come to think of it, they've already lived longer than many expected them to)
Band practice is good.  It's nice to have a weekly chance to hang out with friends and make music.  Amy has gotten used to the band practice routine, and she enjoys chatting with the guys as well. 
After the guys left we had hatch salmon burgers for dinner and watched Orange is the New Black.  We're pretty hooked on that show, but we only have one episode left in Season One.

And that was the weekend!
It was good.
Hope you're enjoying your summer wind down!

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