Monday, June 10, 2013


Hey, guys!  I hope everyone had a nice week and weekend.

We've been a little busy as we're rolling into summer.

Last week we went out for dinner with a friend that Amy met while at the iSchool, Stephen, and his ladyfriend, Stephanie.  We had a really nice time!  It was good to catch up with Stephen and meet Stephanie.  We ate some good Mexican food, and I learned that I really need to see a documentary called The Short Game about hyper competitive 7 year old golfers.  We really enjoyed dinner with them.

Let's see... Thursday night I worked late at vet court.

(I will totally throw a fit if they
mess up the Superman theme.)
On Friday night Ryan, Amy, and I went to a free summer pops concert at Zilker Park that was put on by the Austin Civic Orchestra.  The weather turned out to be remarkably pleasant for a Texas evening in June (much better than I epxected).  The music mostly consisted of soundtracks (Star Trek, Mission Impossible, Cats, Superman, Titanic, Grease, Star Wars, etc.).  People brought blankets and babies and dogs, and we sat out under the trees with our drinks and listened to music while the sun went down.  It was a very nice evening.  My friend Laura plays clarinet for the orchestra, and it's always fun to see her perform (but we go because the music is good- frankly, Laura is my homegirl and all, but if the music was bad we wouldn't have made it out to see her three times in the last year).

So that was Friday night.  It was nice!

(Hops & Grain with Luckey
 and Jason - and Jessie's mouth and nose)
On Saturday afternoon I went to a beer tasting at the Hops & Grain brewery with friends Jason and Jessie and a few of their friends (who I met for the first time, but who seemed very nice).  We tasted various beers and hung out in the taproom and gawked at the big beer tanks.  It was a fun event.  Hops & Grain makes some tasty beer.  After the beer tasting I went shopping with Amy and worked out.  In the evening we went over to Jason's house for a birthday party.  It was a lot of fun.  There was food and beer and good company.  Several of Amy's friends from work made it out.  We stayed for quite a while.  Once again, it was a nice evening with good weather, so we just sat on the back patio and talked.

Sunday we got up and ran some errands.  We went up north to pick up a suit that I ordered a couple of weeks ago.  We ended up calling the police because some clown had locked their dog in a car and left it in the parking lot in 90 something degree weather.  Second time I've already made that sort of call this summer.  Grrrrr....  Dogs die in hot cars.  We live in Texas.  People are stupid.
Friday night my folks came over for dinner.  It was a very nice evening.  Amy made chilaquiles, and Mom brought a salad.  It was good to have a chance to hang out with them and catch up a bit.
Nice night.

And that was about it!
I hope everyone else had a nice one!

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