Monday, October 08, 2012


So the weekend was very nice.  It seemed to go by extremely quickly.
On Friday night Amy and I went to go see Looper at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar.  For those who haven't heard about it, Looper is a time travel movie about a guy who kills people for the mob.  Some 30 years in the future, as a means of more effectively making bodies disappear, the mob has taken to zapping people back into the past where they are immediately executed by special hitmen called loopers.  Working as a looper is apparently a pretty cushy, high paying gig.  The catch is that eventually the mob will send the looper himself back in time to be executed.  This means that when you take a job as a looper, you more or less know that you're limiting to your lifespan to, at most, 30 more years.  The plot thickens when the protagonist's future self gets zapped back for execution, but then manages to evade and elude the younger self who's tasked with killing him.  The mob frowns on that sort of thing.
Anyway, Looper was a good movie.  As with many time travel movies, I'm not sure that all of the logic is absolutely flawless (starting with- if it's that hard to dispose of a body in the future, is it really going to help hide it all that much to just make the remains 30 years older?), but the plot is compelling, the characters are intriguing, the dialogue is well written, and the acting is solid.  It was nice to watch a sci fi movie that felt very comfortable just being a tidy, self contained story, apparently without greater aspirations of kicking off a series of sequels or prequels.  (although I'm probably jinxing things by saying that)  I also liked the futuristic world that Looper created.  Its dystopian spin felt unique and distinctly "sci fi" while remaining a bit familiar.  I thought it was well executed.
Anyway, that was Looper.
Saturday we got out of bed and went to a walk downtown in support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  It was a 5K affair, so we ambled our way from Auditorium Shores to the capitol and back in the hope that NAMI might better be able to help people and families who are living with mental illness.  Thanks so much to my family for making donations to support me during the walk!  It's a great cause, and it felt good to be doing something small to help out.
After the walk I went for a bike ride.
Saturday afternoon we went to the Texas Craft Brewer's Festival over at Fiesta Gardens in East Austin.  We went there and met up with some of Amy's friends from work and had a really nice time.  There were more than 25 breweries taking part in the event, and we each got to sample 6 or more beers.  There were a large number of different beers available, and I can honestly say that I don't think I had even one that I really didn't like.  Of course, when you're drinking beer in 4 ounce portions, it's easy to enjoy a taste of something that you might not necessarily want to down by the pint.
Anyhoo, the beer was good, the weather was agreeable, and the company was great.  We had a very nice time.
After the beer festival we headed home and watched UT lose to West Virginia.  UT fought pretty hard, but just couldn't finish the deal.  Our defense had some shining moments, but we were pretty inconsistent.  We gave up too many yards against the run, and that really cost us.
Anyway, apparently after winning the game, West Virginia fans, back in their hometown of Morgantown, set over 29 fires, tried to overturn cars, and essentially created a small riot that police had to disperse with tear gas.
I love the Texas Longhorns, but here's a message to the West Virginia fans:

Welcome to the Big 12.  We're probably going to be seeing a lot of each other.  If you guys are going to set fire to your city every time Texas chokes away a big game, then you might as well stock up on teepees or something that you can replace pretty easily.  Texas has got a good program, but... we have our weaknesses.  We look forward to hopefully seeing you next year.  We'll do our best to keep your cops from having to break out the mace and batons.

On Sunday we got up and had breakfast and then ran some errands.  We went shopping for groceries, and I got shanghaied a bit into an Amy shopping trip for a few clothing items.  We had a good time.

the artist at work  :-)

Sunday afternoon I went for another bike ride.  Sunday evening we had band practice.  We sounded pretty good.
Reminder: Mono Ensemble Show on Friday, October 19th at the Carousel Lounge.  Show starts at 9:00.  Venus Fixer to follow.  Come drink a beer and rock out with us!
So that was the weekend, more or less.  It was good, but it went by fast.
Hope everyone had a good weekend!
Looking forward to the week ahead!  ACL Fest!!


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